Inconsistent Ramblings 8/26

  • Argh. I suck at time management and didn’t get the Monday Musings done. Next week. Just imagine how much more repetitive and self-deprecating they’ll be with extra time to marinade. I still can’t believe I’ve written however many I’ve written. A bunch. Too lazy to actually look it up.
  • Meandering my way through Community on Netflix. My favorite show, ever. Funny to see the drop-off in quality in season four after all the turmoil. Still pretty decent, which I know that’s an unpopular opinion in the fan groups, or at least think it is? I don’t really know. That show made me take the chance to return to school and there I met my wife and had my children. It changed my life. It has meant a lot to me. They need a movie to round out the universe. Six seasons and movie.
  • I feel like Super Mario Maker 2 is a gateway to hellish villainy. I’ve sort of rediscovered it recently and been playing my levels I made with my family, which aren’t very popular. However, I look at what I made and I think: “What the hell is wrong with me. This game is supposed to be fun.” Comment if you want some of my course codes.
  • Listening to an audiobook of Dune via Audible right now. I never realized what a brilliant story it is. The politics, the universe, the dialogue, and the goddamn awesome sand worms. I mean the hell? Who knew sand worms could be so amazing?
  • I will be doing a free book promo at the end of the week. So many free Amazon days to use. I just don’t want to start turning into a mindless self-promoting mannequin. That behavior is way too ostentatious of a midwestern man like myself. We never complain about something directly.
  • Hidden Oaks season two launches September 30th. What a story that is. If you want serious suspense and a hell-of-a-monster, that podcast is for you. I can’t wait to get some of season two out. We actually sorta know what we’re doing at this point. LIsten to it all for free via our website: or where all fine pods are cast.
  • I’m just going to say screw it and start writing my metroidvania story on here. It’ll start next week hopefully. I don’t know that it’ll be good, but I know it’ll be fun to read and write. Have a good rest of the week everyone!
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2 thoughts on “Inconsistent Ramblings 8/26

  1. buddy h says:

    Monday…Wednesday…Thursday afternoon… Don’t really matter when..just as long as we get to continue to hear from you..
    Bytheway….The Greenland Diaries are atill the best ever!!!

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