Random Update 7/29

  • Well, I finally got around to watching The Lighthouse. Yeah, what the hell happened in that movie? It was completely bizarre. Still good, but abstract to the point that William Dafoe started to seem normal. I think the moral of the story is there is such a thing as spending too much time with William Dafoe. This was one of those movies that would have benefited from more linear storytelling. I want more movies and stories in this setting. There needs to be some creepy lighthouse television series.
  • Had a reader ask me this week about the next Greenland Diaries book, or number five in the series. I won’t be working on that one until after the fall or possibly later. I just can’t release it in the current pandemic state. It wouldn’t be viable because I need to be able to sell it at conventions to my readers. It’ll be a year out, provided they get a handle on this apocalypse.
  • Binge watching Community with my stepsons right now. Such an amazing show. Still my number one after all this time. Every episode is so packed with jokes and strangeness; it is almost like you’re watching a film every single time. A funny film with every type of humor. “This is the best kettle corn I’ve ever eaten in my life. If you vote Chang I’ll shatter your world.”
  • This was supposed to be Monday Musings, but I’ve been busy with Hidden Oaks during my writing time. If you haven’t listened to it, well, you need to, because the monster is out of this world. Not literally, just figuratively. Anyways, you can binge the first season right here.
  • Started watching Parasite on Netflix. Wow. I thought I wrote messed up stuff. Seems to be interesting, but very bloody and disturbing.
  • Been listening to the podcast Behind the Bastards. What an interesting take on villains. Why didn’t I find this sooner?
  • Halfway through Final Fantasy VII. So good. I’m terrified that the sequel will take four years and at that point will games have any value in the apocalyptic wasteland?
  • Late with the musings and everything. Had to be this random update. Trying to enjoy life a little more and go with the flow. Channel my inner dude. We’ll see if it works. My anxiety is sort of out of control, but then in control. A constant pendulum.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone!

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