Monday Musings 7/13

Covid anxiety, more Covid anxiety, listening to the Hidden Oaks Podcast, the twins growing up, and a new book project.

  1. Well, we’re again sort of just dancing with oblivion with this whole Covid-19 pandemic. We did a ton of work to mitigate the disaster, and within just three weeks, we’re in a worst spot than we were before. It was ignorant to think that the virus would simply not be there when we opened, especially with new cases every single day. Can you really expect the fire not to grow if it has all the fuel it needs? Stay home. Wear a mask. Social distance. This is a once in a generation level of an event. There will be a whole book section dedicated to the great Covid pandemic of 2020. We just need to survive it, so we’re alive when life gets back to normal. Please be safe out there.
  2. When I start thinking about Covid, well, it is hard to focus on anything else, much less blog about it. I feel like it is the one unspoken worry sitting in every room, conversation, and intention. Looking back at the world before  the pandemic, and I almost feel cheated or jealous of those times where this wasn’t an issue. It’s strange to have that animosity, but I can’t be alone in it. Who knows how many psychological issues will grow and need to be weeded out when this is all over? One thing that does give me comfort is that we’re not alone in this concern. Everyone on some level is scared, which oddly makes things better.
  3. Enough doomsday talk for now. If you’re looking for a distraction from the apocalypse, let me segway into some mindless promotion for our horror serial podcast, Hidden Oaks. This is a great story. There is a ton of content and it is all connected. If you like mysteries, monsters, and the suburban setting, well, this is right up your alley, to the point that it might actually be your alley behind your house right now as we speak. Yup. All episodes are free to listen to via your browser or where all fine pods are cast. Feel free to rate us and review it too. We’re trying to get out there. We want many people to listen. It is a good story. You’re not wasting your time.
  4. In two months my five year old twins will be starting kindergarten. I can’t believe how much of that time has flown by. Being around them so much when they were small was such a privilege. It made life so worth it, even after and during all the pains of depression and anxiety. I didn’t know I was really alive until I had become a father. They’re the best things ever. Now, they’re ready to enter the world to deal with people and learn. I’m happy for them, but I’m scared too. The world really did a doozy on me. I’m just worried this will happen to them too. This is one reason why COVID scares me so much. I want to be around to help them with the pain and joys of life. That’s what parents are for.
  5. I still can’t make a decision about if I want to do a new book this fall or not. I might try and clean out the bottom of my storytelling barrel to publish something. We’ll see how it goes. Conventions are non-existent, but for good reason. Hopefully I start to figure it out soon. Time is of the essence. I want a new book out by Halloween. That would be wonderful.


  • My favorite part of the musings where I can talk about all things pop culture related. This is the stuff that formed me as child. I didn’t have religion, friends, or family that really got to know what I liked and what inspired me. Instead, I had video games, comics, movies, tv, and books that would resonate with my identity and teach me things. For me, storytelling is almost a form of litany.
  • Geneva and I finished up The Boys on Amazon and started The Expanse, which is also really good. I like the gritty realism of the Expanse. I always prefered that portrayal of space travel.
  • Started Xenoblade Chronicles. Really good. Hard to get into while getting through FF7. That’s how you do a remake. It is almost too good.
  • We’ll be releasing a behind the scenes episode for Hidden Oaks sometime soon. It might actually be two part affair. I don’t know. I was slightly hammered for most of it thanks to Bob’s really delicious and strong Ole Fashion.
  • If you missed Free Book Friday, it’ll be coming back, don’t worry. Also, I watched the Cat Returns with my kids this weekend. Such an underrated story. It was great fun for the whole family.
  • Everyone stay safe, healthy, and more. I worry for our world. I care about you. Thank you for reading my work.
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Author and Blogger from Minneapolis, MN. Author of the novels "Beware the Ills" and "The Greenland Diaries" and the collection of short stories "Seven Monsters." Former executive editor of a literary magazine called Calamities Press. Love to write in the modern publishing environment. I'm a family man who loves football, classic video games, miniature dachshunds, hunting, and fishing. My main story I publish and work on is "The Greenland Diaries," which is published on Kindle and paperback. I also write nonfiction and flash fiction on this site. I am the writer-in-residence at the Robbin Art Gallery.

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