Random Update 7/7

  • By the time you read this I’ll be back at work, instead of comfortably sitting on my couch at home with a large, overstuffed pillow beneath my laptop. Three days off in a row equates to me wanting to quit my job, buy a moving van, and getting ready to homestead out in the tropics.
  • If you haven’t listened to Hidden Oaks yet, the complete first season is out for your listening pleasure. You can check out our homepage or where all pods are cast. It’s full of excellent stories. I’m pleased with my monster. I think it’ll capture your imagination a plenty.
  • Worse time in the world to get bronchitis. Ugh. Nothing like having a dry cough unrelated to COVID-19 to freak the heck out of everyone around you.
  • I keep going back and forth about having a new book out for the fall. It is really tough. I love to self-publish my books and whatnot, but I also need a place to sell them at. Conventions are like a lonely echo of a once thriving civilization. Still, I want to release something, I just don’t know what.
  • My short story collection I Sing Constellations is free today and tomorrow on the Kindle. Click here to be zapped over there for a free download. No rubies or Gil required.
  • Started playing Xenoblade Chronicles on my Nintendo Switch. What an insane battle system. I am enjoying it thus far though. I heard there are a few side quests to get through…
  • Finished The Boys on Amazon. Dark, weird, funny, and strangely realistic to what might actually happen with superheroes in our world. Looking forward to season two.
  • My wife got me a Tears in the Rain shirt from Bladerunner. God I love that speech. Rutger Hauer, you’re missed.
  • Thank you everyone for your continued support. I hope you stay safe, healthy, and loved. Have a great week. See you soon!
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