New Podcast Episode & Ramblings


If you can’t tell by the art, title, or anything else, the new podcast episode (faithful number nine) is out for our horror serial Hidden Oaks. Just one episode left in the season, then we’ll be on hiatus till season two. It won’t be too long. Check it out, or just explore the site. This is one of the best stories I have ever done.

  • I don’t have time for the formal musings as much. My mind seems to work more efficiently when fragmented, which sounds like a ridiculous double negative. For stuff like this I think my mind tends to work better when uninhibited. Now it is time for me to go frolic in the glade.
  • What am I playing this week? I’m not important enough to have a definitive opinion on any of it, but whatever. On my Switch, I’m still playing through Pokémon Sword, with some bouts of Rocket League here and there. My spell check caught the accent over Pokémon. God, that makes me happy. On my PS4 I’m playing Final Fantasy VII Remake with interludes of Fallout 4. Loving the remake. Fallout gets old eventually. I can only search through abandoned buildings for so long. On my 3DS I’ve still trying to make it through Super Mario 3D World, and Majora’s Mask. Occasionally Donkey Kong Country, Super Street Fighter 2, or Mario Kart worms its way in. Gaming is sort of my hobby. I spend so much time writing, thinking of ideas, trying to get my stories out there, video games provides the ultimate distraction. When I sit down to watch tv(unless its reality shows), movies, or read books, I can’t help but have that storyteller mode turned on. With games, I’m just chill.
  • I don’t want to stop talking about gaming. My backlog of gaming is massive. Maybe I’ll add a list if someone desires it. For three long years I tried to live off my writing as the sole source of income. What a disaster. I’m not accomplished enough for that venture. So once I got a fulltime gig again I started to buy all the games I wanted. I was filing this void or something that had been there for three years. Now, I’ve got this pile of stuff to get through. Years of gaming, literally. I think trauma works in this way. You feel like you’ve got to make up for it. My reclamation happens to be through video games. I’m not sure exactly why.
  • Catch up on Hidden Oaks. Only one episode left in the season, then, a brief hiatus and we’re back at it. We’ll be looking for questions and favorites at season’s end to feature on our season recap and Q & A segment we’re planning. Stay tuned.
  • My wife and I watched the entire first (and apparently only) season of Watchmen on HBO. It was free. It was also fantastic, well worth the watch. Timely as well, like the creators had predicted the future. I hate it when that happens, but in a good way, because it’s so good I wish I had thought of it.
  • I added The Greenland Diaries: Days 100 – 140 to KDP select, so if you’re subscribed to that you’ll get free. I’ll also be doing a free book promo soon on it.
  • Hope you’re all staying healthy and reasonably safe. Thank you for reading and supporting my work. Have an excellent week.
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