New Podcast Episode & Ramblings


Well, if you can’t tell by my cryptic blog post title thing, episode eight of Hidden Oaks is now available for your listening pleasure. It is a fantastic one. Super proud of it. The episode has dropped. God, I feel cool saying that one. I’m so not cool which makes it infinitely better. Anyways, please make sure to check out this horror serial podcast I’m co-writing and co-producing. It is free to listen to where all pods are cast. You can listen right out of your browser on our mainpage. It is that easy.

Other random notes since I missed musings this week with this horrid spot of GERD that I have accrued, and the eternal hiccups accompanying it. Ugh. It is horrible. I feel like a demented, dragon-human hybrid, burping up acid that would give a Xenomorph a run for its money. Hoping for a quick recovery, but it isn’t going very well. I hope things get a little bit easier tonight. I had hiccups for 12 of the last 24 hours.

Also, a quick and belated happy birthday to my good friend Shemar. We met via wordpress and have become close friends. Thank you for being here. They said the internet was evil. They said it would only bring destruction. They said blogging was a waste of time. Well, it gave me a friend that’ll last a lifetime, so thank you. I hope you enjoyed your day, and keep writing!

I always underestimate how much blogging, talking, and writing can reach other people. If you feel like giving up, don’t, because you never know who could be connecting with your material. They give you the time from their life to absorb your content, so you might as well provide it.

I’ll be returning with musings, updates, book things, stuffs. Working on Hidden Oaks is just a time sucker, in a good way. It deserves that time and nourishment. I love having just one project to focus on. It is different, but I think it might be a bit of an elixir for me as well. Thank you all for reading. Feel free to buy some books. Haven’t sold any in forever, but I know the apocalypse is happening. Take care and stay healthy.

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