Hidden Oaks of Episode 7 has Dropped


I love when a rapidly aging dad like me uses the term ‘dropped’ it makes me giggle on many levels. But yes, episode seven of our horror serial podcast Hidden Oaks is now available to listen to where all pods are cast. You can also play it straight from the website.

The story I wrote for this one is called. Oh wait, I can’t share it. Nevermind. It is a good one though. Some of the material is pulled from my own experiences. I keep wanting to share more about them, but I can’t. Too many spoilers. You’ll just have to listen to it from the beginning. It is free to do so.

If you’re curious about my writing style, or why I’m even writing this, well, my book Moya: A Collection of Short Stories is free today on Kindle. It is a nice introduction to my voice and the genres I like to write fiction in. You can also get a vibe for my storytelling style for Hidden Oaks. This is an awesome podcast. One of the best projects I’ve ever done. I have awesome colleagues. You got to listen to it.

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