Monday Musings 5/18

Reopening in Minnesota, the importance of storytelling, balancing multiple projects, Cyberpunk and Cavepunk, and some mindless self-promotion.

  1. Well, we’re reopening here in Minnesota. Am I supposed to feel good about this? Sadly, any semblance of the old world is pretty much a dream right now. The risk of infection is as high as ever. I get that people want the opportunity to work. I’m not going to argue about economic impact vs. public health on here or anything. This blog is pretty small compared to those arguments. I’m just worried for my family, my friends, and everyone I care about. Those anxieties haven’t changed I guess. Regardless of what happens, they’ll be there.
  2. At times like these in our civilization, it actually feels kind of important to be a storyteller or media maker. I mean, there are millions of people being more helpful than me during this pandemic, but I also feel a bit good about how people are flocking towards narrative to distract from the horror we’re all living through currently. I don’t really draw the line at my writing or stories being either escapism or educational, or anything in-between. I don’t care if you use me to leave this reality or to look for morality. In truth, I’m just honored that you’re reading my writing at all, with the whole smorgasbord that is floating around us at all moments of the day. Thanks!
  3. Something you didn’t know about my writing is that I’ve always tried to have multiple projects moving at once, because I’ve always felt like I needed to because I was so desperate to be successful. I never wholly invested in a narrative, since I had no complete feeling that it would do well. Now, I’m honestly working on a story (Hidden Oaks, my podcast) that requires all of my narrative attention. I have wanted to start other blogs and books in the middle of this, but I can’t even come close to working on any of it. This is a new thing for me. I’m trying to figure out if it is good or not. That being said I just found my working document for the fifth Greenland Diaries book so I could start working on it. What is wrong with me? A hotshot writer (one that makes a living at it) once told me never bet on one story. Ugh. I still don’t know. I guess the only truth to be a writer is that you’re eternally fragmented.
  4. I’m completely enamored with two settings right now as a writer. Cyberpunk and Cavepunk (that might not be a word till now). Cyberpunk is pretty explanatory, it really is dominating the science fiction genre right now. Cavepunk is something I just invented. Remember it started here. Anyways, it is basically Metroid, or those types of games that involve exploring a cave. The serial I want to write on here is a mixture of both. We’ll see if I can manage my energy enough to get the thing out here. The first entry is done. Urgh.
  5. Ran out of material for this one. Shameless plug, check out my podcast Hidden Oaks. Shameless plug, check out my Square Store and buy my books. Shameless plug review my books. Shameless plug. Shameless plug. I am self-promoting robot now. I survive off likes and clicks. Beep. Bop. Don’t grieve for me. I have followers. Beep Bop.


  • I got nothing. So tired at this point in the night. I’m worthless at writing.
  • Fallout 4 is sucking me in, but starting to spit me out. Same stuff over and over. Final Fantasy VII here I come.
  • I got Astral Chain for Switch. Hope it’s good.
  • Again, I got nothing.
  • Pokemon Sword is fun.
  • I’m buying too many printed tees.
  • Craving Dairy Queen.
  • Stay safe.
  • Stay healthy.
  • Thank you for reading!



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