Monday Musings 5/11

That feeling in my stomach, narrative raised me, a new serialized journal story, Hidden Oaks is good, and the first book of the Greenland Diaries is free today on Kindle.

  1. I wouldn’t say I feel used to what is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, but I would say certain aspects of it have sorted of meshed with my daily routine and how I sort of interact with the world. The shock of what is happening still comes back occasionally. I’ll be wrapped up playing games, watching television, spending time with my kids, or working, then the grim reality of what is happening will suddenly pull on me. My stomach will sink. My heartbeat will get fast. Mostly the anxiety comes from how long this will last. Where we’ll we be in a year? That unknown is scary.
  2. I think it is interesting that my generation (right on the border between Gen-X and Millennial) is so protective of media. Our film, television, games, books, all of it is sheltered in both forms of modernism and nostalgia by my generation. For me, through the process of therapy and other self-meditations, it feels like media to a point raised us. Growing up video games, movies, and cartoons were sort of coming into their own. In some cases with my family, they were safer to be around than my own parents. I didn’t have to worry about X-Men: The Animated Series or Pinky and the Brain getting mad at me about stuff. Final Fantasy was consistent with its messaging.
  3. This week I’m launching a new serialized series on here because I want to. I tried with Calamity’s Keep and Chains, but writing in 3rd person on this blog is challenging because I’m already writing a massive collection of podcast stories in this perspective. I needed a break, so I’m inventing a serial just to relax me. The story will be about a young woman dispatched by the military to a rainy city off the coast of Antarctica in 2149. Strange events have been occurring in the city (yes, monsters). This will be a cyberpunk story with Metroid elements to it. It’ll be told through journal entries. I’m excited to share it.
  4. If you haven’t visited our podcast homepage or listened to our episodes, while, you’re missing out. This is one massive, amazing story that is taking place. The variety of perspectives, the intensity of the narrative, and the relatable setting are just a few of the characteristics of Hidden Oaks that you’ll find appealing. This is one of the coolest projects I’ve ever been a part of doing. I highly recommend visiting the Hidden Oaks homepage for more information. It is free to listen to as well.
  5. I have a free kindle book today. It is my first book in the Greenland Diaries series, Days 1 – 100. You can download it here. This is still my most popular book by a long shot. It is always the one I sold the most at local events. It is a pretty straightforward story, with a fantastic monster in it. Speaking of the podcast, the only monster I’ve created thus far that even matches it happens to be the one I’m working on with Hidden Oaks. Again, get the book for free, here.


  • I promised I’d keep things shorter, and I sort of didn’t. My bipolar personality is running amuck on this blog. Oh well. That’s what blogs are for.
  • Writing this podcast has given me a sense of confidence with my writing that never existed before. Don’t know how that has happened.
  • Argh, I have only so much time in the day to play video games, watch television, or read books. I wish I had a little more, but I would probably just mindlessly look at Facebook in that time period. Life is complicated.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how school works in the next year. Gives me anxiety.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone! Thank you for reading.
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