Apocalyptic Monday Musings 3/23

I’ve dedicated the musings to writing about the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is my first shot at it. More to come in future posts. There is too much material, sadly.

  1. Well, usually I write typical Monday Musings, but since we’ve slightly entered the apocalypse, I don’t think I’ll not be able to write about what’s happening just outside my front door. This is obviously a scary time. For most people their anxiety is out of control. I was already an anxious person. This situation is throwing gas on the fire. It is feeding it. This can’t be helped. Not being glued to the news cycle helps a little. Of course you want to be informed, but not obsessive. There is a balance, and we’re all still trying to figure it out.
  2. So yeah, going off number one, I will be talking a lot about what is happening in our current pandemic. I won’t be trying to stress you out or telling you how to think. I will just talk about the emotional drain this event is taking on my consciousness. I will try to be poetic and funny, but that might wane into sterile lines of honesty. I want this gift for storytelling to record and narrate what is happening, because this is a massive event for our species. I guess I just want to talk about what I’m feeling in hopes that it helps people out there. If it helps a little bit then, well, it’s worth it.
  3. This global pandemic does feel like a dream or wound, or both. I go about the basic things of the day. Working. Seeing my kids. Writing. Playing games. Then, in the slightest of moments, this whole catastrophe weasels back into my mind. When I actually think about what is happening, I repeat to myself that this can’t be happening, not in this day in age, not at this point of human evolution. There is this dreamlike denial that occurs. I’ve talked to other people about this mindset and they agree. It really is hard to believe this is happening.
  4. I have been writing an entire book series about the end of the world called the Greenland Diaries. The monsters in that book series are absolutely horrifying. They are meant to scare people away from the apocalyptic genre, or that in truth I’m not sure it is a good thing that we romanticize the end of the world. I would say after just one week of lockdowns, economic crashes, and quarantines, well there is nothing glamorous about it. In your local bookstore you can just assume current affairs and the apocalyptic fiction section are now intertwined.
  5. People will rise to the occasion in this whole situation. For every negative story out there, well, you can find two positives ones. We forget that our species has dealt with these types of obstacles before, just not in the span of the newer generations. After the virus clears or is controlled, we still have the new economic reality to deal with. I’m concerned for that as well. However, we’ll have to find beauty and joy in the world around us. Focus on the good things now. We’re all in this together. Every single one of us.


  • I will be binging trashy reality television to distract me from the impending doom. There is a plethora to choose from. Feel free to drop any suggestions in the comments.
  • I will be posting a list of my backlog videogames on here. It is endless.
  • Just a few weeks till Final Fantasy VII. I can’t wait.
  • I loved Frozen 2. She has the most badass ice powers I have ever seen. Super cool.
  • Listening to NPR gives you a good sense of what is happening with COVID-19 without panicking you. I blame the cool jazz incidental music.
  • Craving a ridiculous amount of pizza in this apocalypse.
  • Thank you for reading. Please stay healthy and safe. An emphasis on both.
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