Visit me at 13 Gears

13 Gears Promo Post Image

Alright, it is that time of year where the Steampunk world is calling my name. Once a weekend in February a Steampunk event convenes in Northeast Minneapolis called 13 Gears. I have been going to this convention for the last six years. It is amazing. Every year it gets bigger and better. 13 Gears takes place this weekend on both Saturday (Feb 15th) and Sunday (Feb 16th) at the old Grain Belt Bottling warehouse.

Click here for more information about 13 Gears by visiting its website

So anyways, I’ll be there with the amazing writer and publisher Catherine Lundoff. We’ll be right up front when you come in the doors. She’s an excellent author and friend, and I can’t wait to share the table with her for the weekend. I’ll have all my books on sale for the most part, including my two new releases Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere and The Eye in the Lace.

Even if you’re not a Steampunk person or cosplayer this is an excellent event. There are tea duels, live music, activities for kids, booze, food, and dozens of other things to do. The cost of the event is relatively low at $10. It’ll be an excellent weekend of awesomeness to enjoy. I hope to see you there!

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