Monday Musings 2/3

Musings are back because I’m ridiculous. The Witcher is my thing. My timeless writing goals. Our podcast project coming together. Endlessly promoting Calamity’s Keep.

  1. Well, yeah, that didn’t last long. I realized that once I started writing jottings, well, I was basically just doing my musings. So, I might as well keep my tradition up, because I stupidly stopped it for no real reason, just because I felt this subconscious urge to change from invisible sources. Story of my life. So my musings are back, again, and fiction will resume on Thursdays. This makes me happy. Even though I have won a few awards and had some success with self-publishing, I still feel like I need to change and mess with my strategy. I think that insecurity is just part of being an artist as a whole. Maybe someday it’ll go away.
  2. The Witcher is my thing. I loved it on Netflix. It wasn’t like the best show I’ve ever watched or anything, but the universe captivated me completely and wholly. I’m a huge fan of dark fantasy. Beware the Ills is this genre. Dozens of my short stories are this genre. Hell, even Calamity’s Keep in its infancy is this style. The Witcher is dark, full of monsters, has elaborate spells, and the characters are keenly aware of the supernatural world surrounding them. I’m excited for season two. Going to get the books eventually, plus the game for the Switch. I’m also a sucker for a good antihero. The Guardian from Beware the Ills is a perfect example of how I try and build that idea. I’m also a massive fan of Vampire Hunter D, which has the same type of vibe. I also saw an interview with the author of The Witcher and he had a very relatable quote about not wanting to work very long or hard on anything. I can relate mightily.
  3. My goal as a writer hasn’t really changed since I was a little kid and I started writing stories. I often think back to when I started to be fascinated by how monsters worked in narrative. I think my first experience with really loving a monster was Grendel from Beowulf. We had to read some vanilla version in eighth grade with barely any blood and guts. Then, in AP British Literature my sophomore year of high school we read the Seamus Heaney translation of Beowulf. Then my instructor, Mr. Hall, gave me a copy of Grendel by John Gardner, and, well, that has been my interest ever since. I have been fascinated with monsters. Their point-of-view, environment, motives, and origin all still speak to me from way back then. Learning how to communicate that interest as a storyteller is far more intense. It takes a lifetime.
  4. Finally getting this podcast project going. I’ve been talking about it with my friend Bob for the last two years. We finally sat down this weekend with my buddy Owen and started to write the story we want to produce. Very excited for this project. If it hadn’t been for my film work the last few years I wouldn’t even know how much fun it is to collaborate on project with other people. Ten years ago I never would have been brave or mature enough to work on something collectively. Glad I got some time and projects under my belt. Funny how that stuff works out. I wouldn’t have trusted 25 year old Patrick.
  5. Final little musing thing is about my new serialized fiction story Calamity’s Keep. Check it out. There are three parts to the story up, with more on the way. I really enjoy writing it. The characters are diverse, there are some solid monsters, and I deal with the concept of time throughout the story. I wanted to write about what would happen if a whole society were built around the idea of having to share land with monsters, vampires, and other creatures. How would you interact with life? What would be your priorities and beliefs? I also wanted to write a small love story too. We’ll see how it goes.


  • I went kind of nuts and bought a ton of games for my Switch and 3DS. I have an enormous backlog now. I should list it on here.
  • Been enjoying Conan Needs a Friend. He’s a great interviewer.
  • I could watch Regular Show a million times.
  • Besides just complaining about my massive backlog of games, I do have plans to get the Outer Worlds, BOTW 2, and the new Doom. Animal Crossing for my wife.
  • My twin four year olds were sick this week, plus me. Fun times.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone!

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