Free Books and Happy New Year!

Hey all, to celebrate the New Year and the intense and well-marketed psychological manipulation to change my inherent personality via resolutions, I’m giving away a bunch of my books for free on Kindle. How does that make any sense? Well, it doesn’t, so don’t worry about it. The truth is I just wanted to use up a bunch of my free book giveaways from Amazon, so this provided me that opportunity. Enjoy.

The Greenland Diaries Days 1 – 100: Still my most popular book. The entry point to my popular apocalyptic series the Greenland Diaries. Great monsters. No. Amazing monsters. Unique, weird, and nearly relatable. If you can get through the raw journal entry style, well, the unending suspense will reward you.

The Drum: A Collection of Short Stories: A sort of companion collection to the Greenland Diaries, this is a mix of tales from before and after the drum, which is the main apocalyptic engine in the Greenland Diaries. Gives you a different POV after being chained in 1st person to the main narrative of the story.

Moya: A recent publication of mine. Short stories everywhere. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, and even some Chrono Trigger fanfiction (don’t judge me). At the end of the book I actually explain what the hell I was thinking with all this narrative madness. That alone is worth the download.

Seven Monsters: My first short story collection from like four years ago. It is full of my previously published short stories from literary magazines and whatnot. The story that sort of got me noticed “Lobo” is in it. If you’re ever craving a half-cyborg dragon hunting people in a steampunk world, well, that is what it’s about.

DOL 39: My forgotten kindle only collection of stories documenting a city living next to a monster. I love this story. I was supposed to continue it, but I got lazy, and I sort of forgot about it. It is better than the Greenland Diaries in terms of suspense, but nobody reads it. Enjoy.

Well, again, happy new year! I’m not sure if I’m supposed to capitalize that or not, so whatever. I’m not much of a celebrate new years type of guy. I’ve been so cruel towards myself in the past thinking I was never good enough. New Years was always a chance to reignite this self hate and criticism and whatnot. Until recently, I’ve surrounded myself with people who don’t actually communicate with me, but just pick apart my personality instead of focusing on their own problems.

I think celebrating is fine for New Years. Nobody really passes up a party. To dedicate one night to self-evaluation and change is ridiculous though. Change is far more complex than that, and to oversimplify it on a winter night is a disrespectful slap to reality. Every change I have ever made has been done at the hands of distance and not short-term promises. Or in other words, I don’t think one magical holiday can inspire any changes in me. Improving your life or making changes, whatever, well it is a sprint and not a marathon. I’m not trying to sour your holidays or beliefs, of course I’m wrong in many scenarios. I’m sure there are millions of stories of people who have seen their New Year’s resolutions spawn incredible awesomeness. For them I’m plenty happy (and jealous of course), simplifying change just does not work for my personality. Tried that, and, well, it was like burning myself with acid.

Anyways, happy new year. Lol.

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