Happy Holidays 2019

Hey all, this is just a heads up that I’ll be taking a short break from blogging over the holidays. I’ll be making a New Year’s post, but besides that I’ll be holding off on Musings, short fiction, and event notifications. Now is the time to sort of recharge my blogging batteries so to speak. I need to retire to my sarcophagus/cryogenic chamber for some beauty rest. I still love writing in this form and the instant gratification of this communication style. I keep thinking I need to focus on getting traditionally published, but I get satisfaction from doing this, so why would I stop?

I’m pretty excited about the new and serialized short fiction story I’ll be sharing on here once January hits. I’ve been writing it by hand on my breaks at work. I’m doing something a little bit different with how I’m writing it as well. Normally, as part of the outline process, I plan out everything in my story/book in my typical plot triangle. This time, I’m actually just sort of going with the flow, and writing whatever I want without worrying about the extreme cohesiveness that has sort of ruled my previous projects. We’ll see how it works out. The setting itself is enough to make you read it. More details coming soon.

Well, I hope you have a safe and healthy holiday filled with love and cheer. Having children taught me to love this time of year again. I enjoy giving gifts to people and showing empathy. I’ve grown less selfish as I’ve gotten older, which is good, because for the majority of my life I acted like a spoiled brat. Now, watching the people grow around me, figuring out what they like or dislike, and seeing them develop as people is amazing. Where I came from taught me to be so inwardly focused. Watching the people around you interact with life and helping them when it gets hard is the greatest gift of all.

So that being said, happy holidays one final time. Cheers!

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