Monday Musings 12/16

Video game cartridges, the Irishman, short stories, festering emotional issues, and “liking” what you’re writing.

  1. This week while I was composing this, I was trying to think of a particular memory to talk about because that is what I designate for the first musing, but I couldn’t really find anything other than opening a video game cartridge on Christmas. Ripping the shrink wrap apart, peeling the box open, and smelling that factory-sterile air lurking inside was like a transcendental experience. For my kids now, they usually get downloadable games which are a bit different. I don’t want to turn this into a “get off my lawn” moment, but I miss those simple sensations. Technology has evolved to receive our complex tastes, which I can’t really argue with or complain about. The limitation of a cartridge just made it a little more precious, if that makes any sense.
  2. So I watched the Irishman because I am a Martin Scorsese fan, despite the Marvel comments, which I sort of interpreted as some bitterness. It wasn’t surprising whatsoever considering what his palette is as a storyteller. Anyways, I loved the Irishman, but I still prefer Goodfellas. Many of his stories seem to center around how power corrupts men absolutely. In the Irishman, a blue collar worker gets entranced by the criminal elite. They make him feel more important than he thought he was which allows them to manipulate him. This is a common theme across crime media. Fargo and Breaking Bad are my immediate examples. It seems like crime is a heavily-woven fabric of our reality, but it tries to stay hidden as much as possible, while still wanting acknowledgement.
  3. One thing you didn’t know about my writing, well, is that I prefer short stories more than anything when it comes to compositional storytelling. I enjoy novels and whatnot, but short stories accomplish so much in such a small amount of time. I like big shared universes too, so a bunch of interlinked short stories are pretty much my most favorite thing ever when it comes to story. The Greenland Diaries is short stories essentially, only they are journal entries. Beware the Ills is a chapter book, but I sort of wrote it as collection of stories. Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere are one big blob of my short stories. So yeah. Short stories. I like them. I like them a lot, as much as Lloyd liked Mary in Dumb and Dumber.
  4. This week’s existential crisis has to be festering. I’ve always loved the word “fester” because of the Addams Family. Christopher Lloyd was amazing in that role. Anyways, so in the past with trauma that I’ve experienced I have been a bit nonchalant about dealing with it. I thought if I simply moved on from it emotionally, physically, or even logistically, I would be rid of it. It doesn’t leave though, and it festers inside of you altering or corrupting your very identity like an unchecked virus. Therapy, confrontation, closure, it is all so very important to conquering these pains. I think of my emotional health as a refrigerator. If you just leave food in there for days it’ll eventually spoil. You have to eventually deal with it before it grows something weird.
  5. On craft corner, well, I wanted to talk about writing something you want to write, versus writing something you need to write. This happens pretty often with my projects. I get tired of one, than I move onto the next, but than I look back and the previous project is suffering. It is all a bit of a conundrum. I think a lot of artists go through this angst. It is very common. Misery loves company. So there is that. No solutions here. Just complaints.


  • My most popular book the Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100 is free today on Kindle. Check out a sample if you want.
  • My Hero Academia is just so darn good. I can’t take it. Now I want to cosplay at it.
  • I think I might finally finish Angela’s Ashes this week. What a book. One of the best ever. So depressing. Wow. I can’t even. It took me two years to get through it because of the pain it causes.
  • My short story collection Moya is free today on the Kindle.
  • I am starting to get excited for the new Star Wars movie. The hype is building. I’m curious to where it goes next.
  • I will never stop playing Breath of the Wild. What a game. What an experience. It is endless.
  • Have a great week everyone. Thank you for reading.

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