Monday Musings 12/9

Natural nostalgia, Lone Wolf and Cub, the return of Rain, snowman thoughts, and the return to a day job.

  1. Is there anything more nostalgic than rain or snowfall? I couldn’t focus on a particular memory today, except ones related to weather. Hayao Miyazaki understands in his stories how these natural events make you feel. There are plenty of scenes with rain and snow. Nature can make you a romantic. For me, it has always been streetlights at night in the snow. About a decade ago when things were really bad for me in terms of depression and my overall state of life, I was waiting in my car and looking at the bits of snow heaving up and down beneath the orange glow of that disc of metal. I remember thinking life could be better. Maybe someone out there underneath the same image was happy.
  2. I haven’t watched The Mandalorian on Disney+, but enough people on Facebook have leaked spoilers, so I feel like I’ve sort of seen parts of it. I know the overall premise and I have to laugh because it basically is Lone Wolf and Cub only in the Star Wars universe and not in a legendary manga. If you’re unfamiliar with that story give it a quick Google. The parallel is unmistakable. I picked up the Manga in Los Angeles when I was in high school. Awesome to see it echo in a modern day narrative.
  3. One thing you didn’t know about my writing, is that my short story Rain from I Sing Constellations and Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere is going to be spawned into another serialized story or novel. I’m thinking a biweekly story on here. A long time ago, like four years ago, people voted for that short story to be made into a novel. I’m trying to get around back to it, but the Greenland Diaries sort of took over my writing life. Book five is coming out in fall.
  4. This week’s existential crisis is courtesy of my four-year-old son Teaghan, who I seemed to have passed this gene down to through the paternal networks. We were riding in the car together after mailing some books at the post office. We decided to pick up some treats at Starbucks. I bought him and his brother a snowman cookie. My wife asked Teaghan: What do you think a snowman thinks about?” Teaghan answered back quickly and emphatically: “He thinks that very soon, he will melt.”
  5. This week on Craft Corner, well, I wanted to talk about my Monday Musings Meta crisis to be exact. Recently, I’ve had to reenter the workforce and work a stable 9 – 5 job so to speak. I just couldn’t make this writing work fulltime. I was tired of living on nothing. It was horrible. So now I’m attempting to do both. I know I will never stop writing unless I’m dead, so that isn’t really a concern. Keeping the momentum going is another issue. Originally, I wanted to stop doing Monday Musings and focus on other projects, but I decided to keep at it. Why would I abandon an audience I’ve worked so hard to create?


  • To welcome again my book the Drum to KDP Select, it is free today on the Kindle.
  • My Hero Academia is amazing. Poignant is the word to describe it. The themes and characters are emotionally relatable and likeable. It makes me happy.
  • I’m so tired of watching Larva on Netflix. How did they come up with the ideas for these worms?
  • As a Vikings fan I’m used to the offense being garbage and the defense being good, especially in the Mike Zimmer era. What on earth is happening this season?
  • Tornados scare me more than volcanoes.
  • I’m going to check out The Irishmen, but nothing can beat Goodfellas for me with Scorsese.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone. Thank for reading!

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