Black Friday Sale & Last Day to Preorder Eye in the Lace

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Yes, yes, it is time for my most dire marketing plug of the season. My Black Friday Sale is here in all its glory. You can get 3 for $25. Yup. That is right. Three books or posters for just $25 with free shipping. This is a savings of lets see, $20 whole dollars of awesomeness.  My new book The Eye in the Lace can be a part of that deal as well. It would be considered a preorder, which would mean you get a free gift like I’m offering when you preorder the Eye in the Lace.

Visit my Bookstore for this Awesome Deal

Many of you amazing people have my books already. You’re dedicated readers and friends that have supported me for years. I couldn’t be more thankful, but if you’re going to buy my books for someone else as a present, well, I would be more than happy to fill out those particular editions with handwritten messages to your gift receiver. A signed book is great gift for the holidays. Also, this is your last day to preorder The Eye in the Lace and get a free gift.

One last time, visit my bookstore for the awesome Black Friday deal of 3 Books for $25 with FREE shipping. This is perhaps the best deal of the year. Thank you everyone for the amazing support. A nice online deal like this will be good till the end of Cyber Monday. Take care. Again, don’t get trampled out there.

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