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Well, the big announcement is here. I have been working on a top-secret collection of Greenland Diaries short stories for publication. I have compiled them into an anthology, and well, here we go. Cover was done by the brilliant Jason Longstreet. The Eye in the Lace is now available for preorder through my Square Store. If you preorder you will be getting a free gift (preorders help me out a ton because it helps me manage my inventory immensely better). Here is the book description for Eye in the Lace:

From the World of the Greenland Diaries

Before the Drum, a terrifying form keeps appearing outside a forest, prompting a therapist to uncover its meaning. A champion from war is staying at a hotel when a particular challenger arrives to test her. A widower questions his reality when his dead wife’s garden grows back to life. A sheriff’s deputy in Minnesota retraces the steps of a long-missing neighbor. A strange child arrives in gym class with bizarre wounds and even stranger smell. During the Drum, two security guards try walking home along a haunted freeway. A monster takes pity when a trap clicks empty during battle. A cheat code from an old video game saves a child’s life. A little girl tries to reconnect to her past in the haze of monstrous illusions. Many years after the Drum, a young woman hates her fiendish heritage and tries to cut it out. An art student is introduced to an antique medium, which captured the still living horror of history. A curious teenager tries to communicate with the darkness that gouged humanity. A field guide gets ready for an expedition into the most dangerous place on earth. A conversation at a bar reflects the lack of answers from humanities near demise. A sharp shooter must make a choice between one monster and many.

So there you have it. This is an awesome collection of short stories, which will greatly enhance the rich universe of the Greenland Diaries. So click here to reserve your copy today to get that free gift. This is without a doubt one of the best short story collections I have ever released. Plus, at the end of it there is a section dedicated to my process called “What the Hell was I Thinking?” This part will hopefully shed a little light on my artistic choices with these stories.

Preorders will be open till the end of the week or Friday. Visit the Square Store now to reserve a copy of it.

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