Monday Musings 11/11

The magic of Halloween finally apparent, more random thoughts about GOT television creators, the power of the Unnamed, horribly contagious insecurity, and advice from a professional.

  1. The power of Halloween night was sort of unnoticed by me as a child, and in my memories, but this last holiday I could feel the supernatural tension between the gloom and streetlights. Whether it is just the psychological mindset that clicks in my consciousness with the creepy mystique that is marketed to the infinite degree during October, or the clichés built up by dozens of traditions from many cultures, I can feel the true creepiness of Halloween. I’m not sure why I’m more attuned to this now, but it could be me coming to grips with my own mortality. Realizing my existence is finite makes me curious about what comes afterwards, and with Halloween I get a small portal to that emotional wonder, even if it could be the byproduct of really good advertising.
  2. Going off of last week a little bit, because they’re constantly in entertainment news because they’ve been so successful, the famous GOT television creators recently severed with Disney over development of a new Star Wars series. They left it behind because of their massive commitment to create new content for Netflix. Must be rough being at that level of demand, but they’ve earned it. Lord knows how many years they spent working to get these opportunities. Anyways, I was kind of curious what Star Wars would’ve been like if they’d pursued it. I’m not sure what the point of this pop culture musing is, but hey, I knocked some words out. I guess what I was originally going for was talking about how even if you’re at the top of your narrative game you still have rejection and tough choices. Those follow you everywhere.
  3. One thing you didn’t know about my writing is that the monsters from the Greenland Diaries are essentially the main character of the series. Because I had absolutely no idea whatsoever what I was doing with the books, blogs, and universe at its inception (a random summer afternoon sitting at my computer while living in Robbinsdale contemplating my wasteful life) I ended up pouring all my creativity into the monsters themselves (the Unnamed). Therefore, just because of this allocation of narrative resources the real star of the show is the abominations themselves. They get to be center stage. I think this is my greatest gift to the readers in the story. You don’t have to worry about some cop-out with the creatures. They’re not a dream, illusion, or anything typical. They’re unique and real.
  4. This week is not as much an existential crisis as much as it is an emotional one. All my life I have been filled with crippling self-doubt. I have at some point questioned literally everything about my identity. I thought this was just the way I was, or an inherent part of my character. Then, when I started to go to therapy and understand the circumstances from which I was raised, well, I learned that I had absorbed the anxiety and depression from the people around me. I had become a sponge for their negative energy and this changed how I viewed my own self. It wasn’t that I had no confidence in who I was, but more so that the people who had taught me how to live my life had no confidence in their own identities. They passed along this insecurity, whether they realized it or not.
  5. This week on Craft Corner I wanted to talk about some random advice I got from a Guest of Honor at a convention. His name was Tim Kirk, and he was at an event called Arcana back in 2013. Tim Kirk was a big artist and designer. He did the Tolkien Calendar, Disneyland Tokyo, and the Black Cauldron. Arcana was a small event that doesn’t even really exist anymore, but I decided to give it a try selling my one book at the time Beware the Ills. During that con, because it was so small, I was able to talk to Tim Kirk a little bit about the process of getting yourself out there. Tim was a consummate professional. He was articulate, relatable, and prepared. The one piece of advice I took with me was that you have to be stubborn to survive in the creative industry. I thought the word choice was perfect. Stubborn. Not mean, dynamic, original or anything else. Just stubborn.


  • My book Seven Monsters is free today on the Kindle.
  • Finished What We Do in the Shadows. That show is amazing. We still have to watch the movie, but wow was that entertaining. I love the style of humor in it.
  • We started watching Fleabag. That is one raunchy show, but I love the undercurrent of PTSD and trauma they’re playing with. Really good storytelling.
  • I finally joined the Amazon Prime bandwagon and I’m looking for recommendations for shows. Feel free to comment below with some.
  • Always feel free to comment. I enjoy talking to people on here. One of the best things about it is communicating with my readers.
  • Poldark continues to sort of rock. I’ll be sad when it is over.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 is everything is cracked up to be. Easily one of the best looking games on Switch. The cooperative game play is fun and inventive. I love this series.
  • Everyone have a great week. Thank you for reading.
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One thought on “Monday Musings 11/11

  1. V.M.Sang says:

    Yes. Stubborn is the right word. You need to be determined to succeed in the creative world.

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