Monday Musings 11/4

A relative passed away, GOT being an accident, childhood trauma in the form of theme music, being responsible for older generations, and searching for meaning before it exists.

  1. My great aunt Virginia passed away last week. I think she was 92. She was my grandmother’s sister. My grandma died over ten years ago. Virginia, or Gina, was quite the character. She was a tiny woman, who dressed like she was always on her way to a cocktail party. She was a great grandmother, grandmother, and mother. She’d always demand a kiss on her cheek from me at Thanksgiving. I’ll miss her. Her death is another reminder of where I am in the generations. Now, as my parents get older, I’m on deck for taking care of them. My place in time is changing. I don’t know what to do with it. You don’t really have a choice in the process.
  2. The week in my pop culture musings I wanted to talk about the Game of Thrones TV creators who recently discussed how the show barely happened and they had no idea what they were doing. It is remarkable to me how common these origins are in these wildly successful pieces of media. Many people have absolutely no idea if their stories are going to be successful, no matter how large a production or distribution they have. The unknown is always present, whether or not you have the resources to try and predict how your narrative will be received. Strangely, it is comforting to know this doubt isn’t just felt by the minnows like me in the shallows, but also the leviathans that control the deep. That sentence went into a fish metaphor very quickly.
  3. One thing you didn’t know about my writing is that I’m actually a big coward when it comes to scary movies. I might write about monsters, but that doesn’t mean I don’t scare easily. To be honest, I was traumatized by horror at a very young age. Friday nights when the X-Files were on Fox, my whole family would watch it together, including me. I of course was only eight years old, so you can imagine the effect that had on me. In fact, I don’t think I ever watched a full episode till I was an adult. I would hide behind the couch for most of it. My parents thought it was hilarious. Now, they don’t understand why I’m fascinated by monsters. The theme music still gives me chills.
  4. This week’s existential crisis has to be going back to number one in these musings, specifically the changing spot in the generational order. I feel like I’m warming up to go to bat. The truth is I’ve been lucky to watch my family age to such a large amount. Getting to the point in our relationships of having to take care of them is a bit of an honor, but still terrifying. You don’t think it’ll happen, ever. Time has a way of sneaking up on you. The only trail of breadcrumbs you have to get there are memories. Hopefully you have enough of them to make sense of how you might handle the future.
  5. This week on Craft Corner I wanted to talk about looking for meaning in your writing. In my first short story class in college, I marveled at how you could deep dive into the smallest tale for big interpretations. Doing this before your actual story is written, or given the narrative metaphorical weight before it is completely designed might hinder you creatively. In other words, and for my own clarity, don’t put the cart before the horse. This might limit your voice in ways you can’t even conceive. Writing is hard enough without this added gravity.


  • My short story collection Moya is free on Kindle today.
  • I just discovered What we do in the Shadows and I’m pretty much in love with that show. It is beyond hilarious. It has a really good horror universe as well. The witch’s hat is amazing.
  • The best thing about the 3DS with it nearing the end of its life-cycle might be the Virtual Console option on it. I’ve been playing Super Street Fighter 2 a ridiculous amount.
  • I’ve never watched the show The Leftovers but I know a general amount about it. I’ve been listening to the song from it called “The Departure” over and over again on YouTube. If the show is as good as this music, while, I’m in for a treat.
  • The depth of the Greenland Diaries and its power as a story is becoming more apparent to me. I’m sort of in awe of it. There is so much I can do with the series, but the emotions of what human beings go through in these apocalyptic situations are what I find to be really attractive.
  • I’m sad that Halloween is already gone. Holidays are so bittersweet.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone. Thank you for reading!
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3 thoughts on “Monday Musings 11/4

  1. V.M.Sang says:

    Books are brilliant. I just get annoyed he’s not finishing them quickly enough. I’m a slow writer, but Mr Martin must be the slowest ever! Years in the writing of the next book in the series. Annoyingly, he’s written prequels!

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  2. V.M.Sang says:

    Have you forgotten that GOT was a book Lo-ong before it was a TV show. I’m still waiting for the last book(s) to come out! People seem to assume it was only a TV show, especially when they castigate ‘the writers’ for things they didn’t like (like the ending). Yes, I know the books’ author would have had some say, but you so often hear authors saying they don’t like the way their baby has been treated on TV or film. I heard that George R.R.Martin has said that the ending for his books will be different from that in the show.

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    • I sorta did, not going to lie. Lol. What slightly blew my mind was that they admitted to not having any confidence in the project (even if it was green lit by HBO). This inherent not knowing what might happen when it comes to interpreting
      a creative project seems to climb up the
      ladder of all industries. That makes me feel better about my meager problems. I’m looking forward to the books too. Absolutely.


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