Monday Musings 10/28

Listening to some October rain right now as I write with the windows open on a dark morning. I’m not sure there is any sound better for writing than rainfall. Maybe the scribbles of a pen on the signature line of a royalty check.

  1. Halloween is fast becoming my favorite holiday. Sure, I love the scary movies, costumes, and trick or treating with my kids. What I appreciate now as I’m getting older is how perfectly creepy of a month October really is. The change in daylight and early evenings. The crispness of the air at night, perfect for wandering around with no bugs. The howl of wind on broken leaves playing on the pavement like wandering devils. It is all sublime.
  2. It seems like everyone and their mom has a podcast now. They’re being produced at an alarming rate in this modern storytelling vacuum. Why wouldn’t they be? The technology to make a podcast is pretty much free. All you need is a quiet room without a ton of echo. That isn’t too hard. Plus, the technologies to listen to podcasts are literally glued to your body. They’re right in our pockets at all moments of the day. You can add me to this list of clichés. I have two podcasts in development one entitled “The Perfect Monster,” which you can guess on the topic of that one. The second is a fictional one, which isn’t going to hit development till the spring. I’m scared of getting out of my comfort zone with, but I know it is necessary.
  3. One thing you didn’t know about my writing is where my background actually is with education. I originally went to the U of M Twin Cities for creative writing. I never finished, because I had sort of a mental breakdown and my depression went nuts. I didn’t get my degree until I went back to school at North Hennepin years later. The primary stuff I studied while in college was classical literature. I think I had to do at least four of those courses until I was allowed into a creative writing class. They put you through the ringer with that curriculum. Of course, it did give me an appreciation for storytelling and how it has both evolved and stayed the same from the ancient texts. It was one of those things you hate at the time, but it eventually gives you some insights.
  4. This week’s existential crisis is time. I’ve gotten older. I was talking to my father who came over for the Vikings game. One of my four-year-old-twins was playing on a Big Wheel in the driveway. My dad noticed him and suggested that when they turn 18 they get Harleys and ride across the country together. I pointed out that he’d be 85 around then, so he’d probably need one of those side-cars. He gave me a very horrified look. Reason one is he didn’t even think about that at all. Reason two that I was acknowledging the passage of time for once, which is his primary anxiety.
  5. This week on Craft Corner I wanted to talk about using up your creative energy bar. When I was younger, and before I got fully immersed in writing, I was of the opinion you could put out nonstop material. Fiction, nonfiction, blogs, screenplays, all of those projects seemed so effortless to do in theory, at any given moment. From doing all these different things, however, I have realized that I need time to recover. My bar goes empty, and I’m no longer able to conduct a special attack. Give yourself time for your muses to recover their voices. When you’re young you think it is easy to continuously create content. However, the truth is that it is like any energy output in nature. You’ll eventually run out and need to replenish. Know your limits. I’ve hit mine.


  • My first short story collection Seven Monsters is available today on Kindle for free.
  • I’ve dealt with a sort addiction my entire life, but not on the level of alcohol or drugs, but with food. Growing up, food was a coping mechanism for if my emotions became too unmanageable. My parents would feed me to feel better. I don’t blame them for it. They didn’t know what to do. Going into my adult life, weight management has always been a struggle. I have slowly learned that binge eating will not make me feel better; I’m literally just filling an emotional void.
  • I might be publishing some of my notes from each “Perfect Monster” podcast on here, but we’ll see.
  • I think all in all there will be six more books in The Greenland Diaries canon. Three more in the journal entries portion, plus two more short story collections, and then a sequel story set many years from the events of the main series. All in all, I have a TON of writing to do.
  • I still can’t believe I wrote a film that won the 48 Hour Film Festival here in Minneapolis. The shock is still there.
  • I’m not sure if I hate myself or what, but I refuse to buy anymore new games, books, or shows until I’ve made it through the ones I’ve already purchased. With the exception of Luigi’s Mansion 3, which I have preordered for Halloween. That’s also a multiplayer game for my family to play, so that is my excuse.
  • Taking a break from the musings next week and maybe try doing a little blog/essay about legitimacy with this whole thing. Stay tuned.
  • Thank you for reading. Have a great and healthy week!

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