Monday Musings 10/21

I’ve been doing the clutter expulsion before winter fully hits. I guess I refer to it is as Marie Kondo-ing my house. It boggles my mind how much crap I’ve collected over the years, not even from other people, but just myself.

  1. Recently, a memory that has been sort of plaguing/resurfacing for me has been the time period of my life before I entered the world and could make my own decisions. When I graduated from high school I sort of “went into the world” so to speak. What I’m curious about in my memory for back then was what did I actually think? That was nearly 17 years ago. I can’t think of anything from it. I can only identify the feeling of innocence, but that is it. Funny how memory isn’t always an experience, but simply an emotion.
  2. My big pop culture examination of the week has to do with El Camino. If you haven’t heard of it or watched it, or know nothing about the television series Breaking Bad, you should be aware there might be some subtle spoilers below. El Camino was an excellent conclusion to the series along with Aaron Paul’s character. Breaking Bad, like Fargo, does a really good job of showing what happens to “ordinary” people when they engage in organized crime, and how intoxicating/volatile that choice can be. It is almost like something happens to a person’s soul the moment they brush against this underworld.
  3. One thing I’m not sure you knew about my writing is that monsters in my fiction are metaphors for truth. The most honest parts of my stories are the monsters themselves, which depending upon your point-of-view on honesty could actually paint them as the heroes. Truth has been elusive for me in my personal life. I grew up lying to get attention from the people I loved. I took this trait into adulthood, and completely destroyed my relationships and friendships. It wasn’t until I had children that I learned the importance of honesty. When I first watched Alien and could analyze it better, I found myself agreeing with Ash that the Xenomorph was a very straightforward and unsullied creature. It was pure and true to its bestial nature.
  4. My existential crisis for the week would have to be the emotional conundrum of empty buildings that hold memories of mine. Basically, driving by stores, restaurants, and movie theaters that are no longer in operation. They give me a weird and depressing dosage of nostalgia. It is not that I wish my life was still like that at all, but more so how much time has passed since then, so did the memories even happen? Do the buildings have any knowledge of the moments that took place inside their walls?
  5. This week on craft corner I wanted to talk about the good ole’ elevator pitch. For writers like me who attend conventions and events where talking to people directly about your books is the key to everything, an elevator pitch for your book is a must. For the first few years of this great writing experiment I didn’t have one, and selling my books would be extra arduous. Then, while in Albert Lea for Chapel Con, I was exhausted from my drive down there, and instead of doing different conversations with each person I just repeated the same book description. Sure I deviate somewhat, but overall I’m pretty repetitive. This is one of the most useful tools you can have.


  • My short story collection Moya is free today on the Kindle. Check it out.
  • Got Super Street Fighter 2 for my 3DS on the Virtual Console. Game still holds up. Vega is still a jerk. That’s timeless.
  • I’m thinking I want some chicken tenders, like right now.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 is just a little ways away. It comes out on Halloween, which is sort of a tease. Anyways, I’m thinking I’ll trade in my Link’s Awakening for it at Gamestop. I like the game, but once I beat it I don’t think it’ll have a ton of replay value. A Link Between Two Worlds is better in my opinion. Also, Luigi’s Mansion is multiplayer, which is super valuable when you have four kids.
  • I’m falling asleep between sentences. A thunderstorm woke me up last night. Crackle. Smash. Patrick is up looking at the radar.
  • That Oscar the Grouch skit on SNL was brilliant.
  • Thank you everyone for reading. Have a great week!

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