Monday Musings 10/14

On a pain scale, you would think stepping on a Lego would be more painful than a Duplo, but the decreased mass of a Lego allows it to sink into the carpet slightly, providing a small cushion around the object. A Duplo has too much size for this phenomenon to occur. In fact, if you hit the corner or edge of it just right, it is like walking on a pit of spears. I’m not crying, it’s sawdust in my eyes.

  1. I was thinking about conventions today, because it seems like fall just started and I’ve already burned through FallCon and Crypticon like it was nothing. I’m truly blessed to be a part of this community. One thing that is remarkable about these events is that fandom has a way of making you feel like you belong. Sure, there can be toxicity in it, like any social structure, but for the most part they seem like they try to make sure everyone can be included, regardless of interests. Take the leap. Give one a try.
  2. So I can’t help but talk about Martin Scorsese’s comments towards superhero films not being what he considers to be cinema. This statement shouldn’t come of much of a surprise to anyone who has watched his films, interviews, or know about his storytelling influences. Though, even knowing the source material, it still seems like a generalizing comment. He clearly doesn’t want to understand the fandom or interest in these stories and why human beings relate to them on such a massive scale. Instead, he just wants to judge their success on a superficial level, which is his right, but from a director who meditates on the dark philosophies of characters, I find these comments to be a bit shallow. I do like Scorsese’s films, and this won’t change my opinion of them, but I’m not sure why there is so much negativity towards the cinematic sanctity of superhero films.
  3. So one thing you didn’t know about my books is that I actually think my best story is Beware the Ills. I spent six years writing the thing by hand, mostly on bank receipts when I was a teller, which made my transaction time very slow sometimes. Beware the Ills is a story I nurtured for about a decade. It is a meditation on the sinister impulses of humanity, and how doing the right thing is never truly lost in a situation. Sadly, it is not my most popular novel. That would be The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100, which I barely thought about when I wrote it (was a blog at the time).
  4. This week’s existential crisis has to be watching people going through the motions of life, being too afraid to explore who they are. Even in those close to me I recognize this phenomenon. I’m guilty of it myself. The majority of my existence has gone this direction. Being comfortable isn’t necessarily synonymous with being happy. That being said, you can also become obsessed with growth, and ignorant to inherent limitations. It is up to you to figure out what facet of life is limitless, and what parts are limited. Ideally, your family should help you too. Heavy stuff. That’s why I call it a crisis.
  5. This week in craft corner, I wanted to talk about the temperature I took on other creative professionals at a convention I recently attended. One thing I noticed about the ultra-talented people I spoke to was how this style of life requires you to think about creating art as a marathon and not a sprint. You’re never done, ever. There is no finish line. There might be small benchmarks you wanted to accomplish. For me, it was having a book signing at Barnes and Noble. However, the concept of an end goal is as slippery as an eel. I’ve always wanted to say that analogy.


  • Free today on the Kindle is my first and like I said most popular book The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100.
  • I’m fully investing in collecting Street Fighter comics. There is something about that universe that I just love. It brings me back to playing the original arcade game inside Circus Pizza as a kid.
  • I think one reason the concept of fandom is sort of coursing through these musings is that I have been thinking a lot about identity recently, and fandom sort of plays a part in finding this happy place to be with your interests and yourself. It is like a bridge that can cross some of the gaps.
  • Conflict isn’t always about a resolution, but setting a standard of behavior that will lead to a respectful code of conduct.
  • Super excited that two of the Rugrats movies are on Netflix.
  • It is supposed to snow already. No thank you. I might be from Minnesota, but I don’t hate myself that much.
  • Have a great and healthy week everyone! Thank you for reading.

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