Visit me at FallCon 2019

Robbin Gallery Photo Post

Alright. Well, it is that time of year where the State Fair Grounds in the Twin Cities turns into the MCBA’s awesome comic book extravaganza FallCon. This is one of my favorite events of the year. The leaves are changing. The air smells like beer and bratwurst thanks to the nearby Oktoberfest celebration. There is cosplay, comics, books, artwork, and pretty much everything.

I don’t have an image for the event, so I posted this generic bookshelf up here from the depths of my hard drive. There are actually more comic books there than anything else. I’m going to hunt through them myself looking for Street Fighter copies to add to my collection. This event is Saturday October 5th from 10 – 6 pm.

I do have a website for you to find more information about MCBA’s FallCon 2019.

I’ll be there selling my books, talking to people, enjoying my fandoms, and thinking about monsters. My new short story collection-mega-thing Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere will be on sale. I got about 10 copies left from the first run, so stop on by and get it. I love the book dearly. There is something for literally everyone in that book. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, and everything else.

So yeah, I hope to see you at the event.

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