Monday Musings 9/30

I’m trying to figure out something clever and witty to say to lead my musings. I got nothing. The amusing meter is empty for this week; I used it up on previous boss fights. They’ll be no special attack.

  1. Hopefully, by the time these musings come out, I’ll have turned 35. My birthday was on September 29th. I have had a fortunate life to celebrate my birthday with such amazing friends and family on such a regular basis. That is the greatest gift, better than anything else I could hope for from the material world. A big thank you to everyone on here. Thank you for reading my work and supporting me.
  2. For my pop culture musing this week, I finished Bates Motel on Netflix. I really enjoyed it, though I’m a bit of an old man purist and still like the original black and white Hitchcock film. The environment every character was forged in was full of abuse and pain, and I found it interesting (and realistic) that nobody could completely escape from that environment, even if oodles of time had passed in their narrative lives. I think this is more often the case for people who grow up in a setting of such physical and emotional pain. It takes a vast amount of strength to swim to the surface. One character makes it on the show (out of the dozen).
  3. My shameless self-promotion this week is my first short story collection Seven Monsters is available for free on the Kindle today. This was my first anthology-thing I ever self-published. It came out right before the twins were born. It includes one of my favorite short stories in it called Lobo which was my first traditionally published tale. Lobo is the name of the villain in this story, a cursed-robot-dragon that hunts people in the skies of the Empty Plains. He alone is worth the free download.
  4. This week’s existential crisis has to be the yawning void of age or aging. I’ll admit 35 does have a certain ring to it, a bit more of permanence than 34. You feel closer to 28 at 34, but at 35 you feel closer to 40 or 42. It boggles my mind how ages bring you closer to a set of expectations for your life. Numbers have so much power in how we perceive reality, which makes sense since they fundamentally measure our own existence. Even though I’m currently talking cryptically about age in these sentences, no doubt these numbers are carrying your perspective to your own assumptions of age and how they correspond with personal growth on an emotional, physical, and even financial level.
  5. This week in Craft Corner I started to think more about my monsters. At times I get worried that no monster will be able to surpass the Unnamed from the Greenland Diaries. They are quite the creatures. They’ve exceeded all expectations. All of them. When I started writing the damn thing it was nothing more than a blog that NO ONE read. Strangely, knowing it wouldn’t be anything more than just a writing exercise gave me absolute freedom to design the type of monster I always wanted to see in media. I could finally make my beautiful creature, the one that would capture my imagination and wonder. So I did. I poured everything I loved about monsters into this one manifestation. There were multiple ideations of them, but the basic concept always stayed the same.


  • On my 3DS I recently bought Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on sale for a few bucks. That game still holds up. Like a bunch. I’m not sure if any gaming setting gives me a sense of anxiety more than the Chemical Zone.
  • I also got Altered Beast, which is amazing, but very hard. I really, really, want to edit/create a fiction anthology based on Altered Beast.
  • How simple life would be if monsters were as basic horror films represent them? If evil were nothing more than a slithering and staggering monster, well, life would be a lot easier.
  • Have a great week. Thank you for reading.
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