Monday Musings 9/23

The mosquitoes are never going to go away this year. I keep waiting for the cold to wipe them out and send them back to their cryogenic stasis, but alas, not yet. A pint of my blood must be gone. There must be a whole a monument built to me in mosquito town for my sacrifice. I never dreamed I would be so popular with the local insect communities. And they can’t even read.

  1. You remember when you were younger and a nice fleece-like blanket was pretty much awesome? It was soft, warm, and fuzzy. It was luxurious, yet, comforting, like you were draped in some special material from a mystical bazaar where an ancient clock might summon dragons five minutes before midnight. As an adult, a fleece blanket is like having a sweaty person sleeping directly on top of you for multiple hours. You remove it, get instantly cold, then throw it back on, then get instantly sweaty. It is a very masochistic fabric to sleep beneath. The level of perspiration is intense, like you were being slowly cooked at a subtle rate. They make me feel like a roasted chicken.
  2. Is binging television shows via streaming services the natural evolution of visual narrative? I keep thinking about what I want as an audience, and I can’t imagine going back to the weekly broadcast installments of my favorite shows knowing that I can watch an entire series at my own pace of maniacal consumption. How could you leave a paradise where an entire season can drop for me to enjoy at my leisure and personal frequency? It is like one of those dystopian island thrillers where you find some precious sanctuary and you don’t want to leave once you’ve enjoyed its comforts. How do I return to the apocalyptic wasteland of being patient?
  3. This week on “I’m a mindless self-promoting robot” my Kindle only book DOL 39 is available for free today. This is an amazing book. I play with the idea of an entire society having to contain and share a symbiotic relationship with a god-like monster. The perspective of the story changes through multiple people, from civilians to military personnel. It is an intense story, with a fantastic creature at the center of it. I plan to write a sequel to it someday, once the Greenland Diaries stops bullying me around. Anyways, get if for free on Amazon’s Kindle.
  4. This week’s chosen existential crisis (of the near hourly I have) is an issue with memory. I used to be really shy about sharing my memories with people, but then I had children, and I realized that my memories were like little torches on the journey through Moria for the people close to me. It was a way to maybe shed some light on how this massive structure that was my personality/identity was built. I guess I wonder about which recollections are worth talking about and others that are simply experiences that happened. Sometimes I feel panicked because I don’t know what’ll happen to my memories when I’m gone from this world. I can’t help but think of Rutger Hauer’s famous speech: “All these moments will be lost in time, like tears, in the rain.”
  5. This week for Craft Corner I wanted to talk about the very essence of this blog, or the branding associated with it. I’ve gone back and forth since I started doing this between naming the blog after me. Or, giving it a title that is indicative of me and what I write about. I’m terribly uncomfortable naming things directly after me. I know I’m a little egocentric, but not enough to celebrate my identity by making everything about me. If that makes any sense. So I changed the blog back to what I wanted it to be originally: “What the Monster Said.” Who knows how long it’ll stay this way. The funny thing about blogging, self-publishing, and everything else is you have all the freedom in the world, but very little guidance.


  • When these musings publish, the Link’s Awakening remake will have been released for Switch. I can’t believe how excited I am for this game.
  • Finished Jane the Virgin with my wife. It was fantastic. What a great show. I’ll miss it.
  • We’re on to finishing Bates Motel, then next is Letterkenney.
  • There was a great sale on the Nintendo store for old games. I got Sonic 2, Afterburner 2, and Altered Beast for just a few bucks. All those games completely hold up. Sonic 2 especially. What a time warp. Do I feel another existential crisis?
  • This Perfect Monster podcast is going to happen, and I have already started to compile a pretty great list of monsters to examine. No genre or media is excluded.
  • I’ll be at Fall Con coming up at the State Fairgrounds. More details to follow.
  • I hope you all have a great week. Thank you for reading.
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