Tuesday Ramblings 9/3

More ramblings. With Labor Day happening, Monday was basically deleted inside my brain. It became like a half-Sunday or something. Neither living nor dead, like Solomon Grundy.

  • All you awesome people who preordered Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere will get their books this week. The shipment will be here either today or tomorrow of my new books, and then I’ll run them up to the post office and get them sent out. Thank you everyone for doing this. It really means the world and helps me overall because running a business is hard work. You have to like know what you’re doing and yeah…
  • Horrible head cold of doom hit me this weekend. I went through a ridiculous amount of tissues. It was like a graveyard of the things wherever I went. Or to say it more author-like: “A delicate field of lost nasal parchment adorning every hard surface in proximity to my piqued form.”
  • Decided that at some point I’m going to release another self-published book. That is besides Greenland Diaries: Part Five in the fall. I was looking through my ridiculous catalogue of writing projects I have nearly finished, or worked on, and so forth, and I realized I had enough unpublished ideas, stories, and segments from the universe of Beware the Ills to publish a sort of companion collection to that story, like I did with the Drum. I would of course create new content to go with it, I just felt like I had severely neglected that world. I haven’t had time to sit down and write the sequel (there wasn’t supposed to be one, but I sold out my values immediately when my first reader asked me if there would be). I do have the time to build a short story collection exposing my readers to more aspects of this world. So that is what I shall endeavor to do. Stay tuned.
  • I’m officially hyped for the Joker
  • Mindhunter is the most tension-driven show out there, with barely any graphic material. Well done. So well done. All the investigators are walking along this living abyss, and that’s scary enough.
  • My wife gave me an awesome idea of a new type of Unnamed for The Greenland Diaries: Part Five. I’ve been playing with tension the entire time in this series, but I’m going to ratchet it up a notch. Is that how that phrase goes? Who cares, I’m a writer.
  • I’ve become more interested in the DC Universe’s animated films recently. They seem to have a pretty good formula down for them. Hush looks particularly interesting.
  • Every Monday Musing I publish thus forth will try to include a free eBook deal for one of my books. Only some of my titles are eligible for KDP Select, so it might be reruns often, but hey, they’re free.
  • I think I forgot to mention this, but Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere is now available on Kindle to purchase. It is right here.
  • Yar, have a great week matey. Tis better to talk like a pirate than not sometimes. YAR.

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