Monday Musings 8/26

Fall has hit a little early here in Minnesota. Cool temperatures are lovely, but it is the first echo of the winter. Why can’t I ever be truly happy about the weather?

  1. One particular creative issue I’ve been working on the last few weeks is sorting out which project I want to commit to for traditional publication. I split my year into two different focuses when it comes to writing. September through March is for material I wouldn’t want to publish myself, where April through August is my yearly self-publish project. Picking the book project for traditional publication is pretty much insane. I feel like a mad scientist from a movie MST3K would riff.
  2. Continue from number two: I actually like to study what stories might be marketable to an agent or publishing house. This is an ugly rabbit hole to travel down, because it seems like the general census is that there is not a method to the madness, and luck and networking play crucial roles. I even started studying books, films, and shows that are popular, and see if I could write something which is missing from this narrative vacuum. That is another fog of madness I would highly recommend NOT traveling into.
  3. Continue from number three: Eventually, after going through a large amount of self-doubt, depression, anxiety, and many other self-esteem issues, I fall back on a standard feeling of wanting to write a story that I might actually enjoy. I feel like my writing really suffers if I start to force myself into a something that I’m not passionate about. This may seem like an obvious conclusion to all these issues, but when you get wrapped up in the urge to have some traditional success, well, yeah some craziness happiness.
  4. I am obsessed with the idea of a monster being contained and an entire culture being built around this problem. The Village and Attack on Titan sort of alluded to these ideas, but they both fall back on conspiracy plots as their main spines. I want just a badass monster that you have to deal with every single day. That’s all I want. Nothing too special.
  5. For that self-publication project for this coming year, it will be the fifth book in The Greenland Diaries. I know I announced this already a few times on here, but I felt like reassuring people about it all. I was just going to have two more books in the series to close it out, but according to the days I have left, they would have been 500 pages each, which is not fun. So they’ll be three of the main narrative, plus another collection of short stories. There might be a prequel in there, or another collection, or something similar to it. I honestly don’t know. Crippling self-doubt has been the theme of these musings, and my life really.


  • Finished the first few seasons of Outlander on Netflix. Pretty great. Pretty brutal. They did a nice job with the time travel mechanic. Often times, it is, well, bad.
  • Started Mindhunter season two. One of my favorite shows, despite the subject manner. The subtle intensity of the investigations is pretty intense.
  • Rediscovered MST3K on Netflix. I’ve been missing this in my life.
  • Made some progress on Angela’s Ashes this last week. Goddamn that book is depressing. Taking me forever to get through it.
  • Crypticon Minnesota is coming up. Excited to be there.
  • Hope all is well everyone. Thank you for your support.
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One thought on “Monday Musings 8/26

  1. BellaKimama says:

    Yes the rabbit hole of trying to create what you hope others will like is a consuming deep hole. I can totally relate to that! I am still working out the “do it for self purely and the people who are your people will come”.

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