Tuesday Ramblings 8/20

It’s not Monday so I can’t officially call these musings. They could be more like ramblings or whatever. Too be honest though, there really isn’t that much difference between the two. Whenever I have to talk about random stuff, the rate of ramble increases exponentially.

  • My omnibus short story collection extravaganza Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere is now available to purchase on Amazon’s almighty Kindle if you’re interested. Click here to buy it. Sadly, I can’t sign digital copies, unless you consider a part of my soul leaving my body as notation.
  • For all you awesome preorder people, I’m waiting on getting the author copies from my publisher, and then I’ll be sending them out. Should be soon. Free gifts will be included. If you buy one now through my Square Store, consider it preordered.
  • Big Lunch. So sleepy. The floor looks pretty good right now.
  • I’ve been watching Kengan Ashura on Netflix. After reading and watching Baki, this one only seemed natural to watch. I’ve got a soft spot for anime that borrows from Street Fighter structures. Kengan Ashura is fantastic as well. Netflix continues to impress with these selections.
  • Shovel Knight is a beautiful, but frustrating game. I die a ridiculous amount. What happened to my gaming skills?
  • It seems like this new Windows update has a mind of its own. It keeps pausing and wondering if it still exists. Am I an update of an update, or an update’s update?
  • Outlander is pretty great, but insanely disturbing and violent. Seriously, makes GOT look like a walk in the park.
  • Anyone have a favorite literary monster besides Frankenstein’s creation? Grendel was always mine.
  • Watched the new Invader Zim movie on Netflix. It held up. It felt like the original seasons. Still one of my favorite shows. I still quote it. I could, like, right now.
  • I have a “Samples” section of my blog up and running again. If you want to learn more about my writing, check it out. Think of me with gray hair handing out cups of jello in a grocery store.
  • Brain wrecked. Working on a giant space epic horror novel/series. In the outline phase, so basically the fun stuff before reality hits. Have a safe week everyone and stay healthy. Thank you for supporting me.
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