Monday Musings 8/12

Right as I was beginning these musings I thought it was nice to be writing at home in a peaceful environment, but then my four-year-old son, Gren, shut a garage door on his foot. Well, that didn’t last long.

  1. I’m know I’m constantly reminding and nagging you like a parent who wants his kid to clean up their room that my new short story collection Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere is available for preorder through my Square Store. August 15th is the last day. Preordering books is tremendously helpful for me. It assures that I’ll have enough books for everyone, and that anyone who wants one in the first publication run gets it. So again, one more time, to preorder this new and awesome book please click here.
  2. With Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere officially done, I sort of want to take a vacation from writing for the next week. However, whenever I stop writing, outlining, or editing, I turn into a huge jerk. For some people, if creativity is no longer being expressed we turn into maniacs. I’m proud/ashamed to acknowledge this fact about my personality. For a minute I was like I’m a normal person who needs to take vacation from work, but I’m not like that, though at times I wish I were.
  3. Getting old does weird things to your body. I won’t get into details, but it does. There is a certain comic of Garfield about Jon being really freaked out that his eyes have started to grow hair with his increasing age. I don’t have that problem, or mutation, but other things. I know there is more down the pipeline. At least we’re all in the same boat.
  4. I sent away my Joy-Cons for my Nintendo Switch. They’ll be getting fixed for free for drifting. I was tired of Link walking off a cliff on Breath of the Wild. Same deal on Minecraft. In fact, in all my games. What a massive problem for them, but they were pretty quick to send information about how to deal with it. I can picture this 24 hour office room filled with people just fixing broken Joy-Cons over and over again. The madness.
  5. If you’ve been wanting to read some of my work after seeing these posts and don’t know where to start, my serialized fiction story Chains would be an excellent place to begin. Part dark fantasy and horror, and set in the world of Norse mythology, you’re in for an engrossing story with very complex characters. Check it out by clicking here.


  • Outlander is quite the show. Not kid friendly FYI.
  • I’m really tired of watching The Croods over and over again. Kid’s favorite movie right now.
  • My kid’s toe is better. Went to the doctor. Got some work done on it. Should heal.
  • I’m craving sushi right now. Salmon tastes better to me raw.
  • Had fun at the Irish Fair. Reuben egg rolls. Worth it just for that.
  • Mega Man 11 is very hard. Or else I’m getting old.
  • My excitement about Link’s Awakening is growing. The hype!
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone. Thank you for reading.

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