Monday Musings 8/5

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I can’t believe it is already August. What the hell happened? As a kid, summers went by fast and it was painful. That hasn’t changed as an adult. Winter is coming.

  1. As you can guess by the image dotting the top of this blog post, my new and massive short story collection Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere is now available for preorders in my Square Store. This book will be in high demand during this first publication run, so make sure to reserve your copy. You can do that by clicking here. If you’ve been following me and wanting to get one of my paperbacks but haven’t know which one, well, this book is the one to get. It is an enormous sample size of all my short stories. Multiple fiction genres are represented; science fiction, fantasy, horror, cyberpunk, and steampunk. I’ve picked my favorites for this collection, added new ones, and organized them into shared universes. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. Yes, the next self publication project of mine will be the fifth book in The Greenland Diaries. This book was going to be delayed a few years at least. Like I’ve said before, I haven’t been able to write about the apocalypse as constantly as I initially wanted. It is a bit taxing, mentally. However, I decided that I could get the next book done in the series for Fall 2020 to be released at Crypticon. The book ended at such a crucial juncture, it would be torture to withhold the next piece of the puzzle from all my awesome readers.
  3. Looks like I’ll be starting a pair of podcasts in the next year. One will be a commentary or editorial one with my buddy Nick Housewright. I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear him down and do a “Perfect Monster” podcast where we talk about our favorite monsters in all of storytelling. The other one is still in development, but we’re thinking it’ll be a sprawling fictional world with multiple POVs in it. I have got a few different ideas, including a Greenland Diaries themed setting. More details to follow.
  4. My next book event I’ll be selling at is Crypticon Minneapolis in September. This will be my sixth year at Crypticon. That is hard to believe. It was the first con I ever sold my books at it, and it also happens to be my favorite. I highly suggest attending it. Despite the content of the con (horror, but all genres are represented), the people are amazing, it is family friendly, and the guests are kind. Click here to visit their main page.
  5. My short story collection Moya is free today on Kindle. This one hasn’t been promoted like this as often, since it is slowly disappearing and becoming a collectors item like many of my short story books. They’re all being assimilated into my new omnibus collection thing. Click here to get it.


  • Finished the final season of Orange is the New Black, and I was not disappointed. No spoilers here. Quite the show. The vast amount of perspectives in these stories is astounding. There is something for everyone in it.
  • Started watching Neon Genesis: Evangelion on Netflix with my stepsons. Hoping to inspire a science fiction based existential crisis.
  • Steven Universe is amazing. What an adorable show.
  • Preorders for my new book are open till the 15th.
  • Thank you everyone for the continued support. Have a safe and healthy week!
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