Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere is now Available for Preorder

Front Cover Promo

Well, like the title of this blog post entails, you can now preorder my new short story collection/omnibus via my Square Store. I am tremendously pleased with this book. Not only did I delegate my time right in the proofing phase of this project, but I also found a super talented cover artist in Jason Longstreet. Ten books out there and I’m finally starting to get the hang of it.

Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere use to be the subtitle for my blog, before I got all professional and just listed all the writing things I do. This is my definitive short story collection because it includes all my favorites from my previous three anthologies. They’re all lumped together so you can finally see how the multiple universes I’ve been writing about sort of link up and interact. There is a ridiculous amount of Easter Eggs. I have revised each story from their original publications. I have also included brand new stories as well you won’t be able to find anywhere else. So you are not only getting the best version of my favorite stories, but new ones as well.

Click here to head to my Square Store to reserve your copy today

The cover of the book is simply awesome. It a mixture of different stories, but the character is from my story “Rain” which was a favorite among many of my readers. Jason Longstreet is a talented guy. We met at Chapel Con years back and I’ve always enjoyed his artistic style. To learn more about Jason you can visit his instagram page at  @jlongstreet. He is more than qualified for any project.

So this is the last collection of standalone fiction stories. My good friend Shemar encouraged me to do this, so the book is dedicated to him. All in all there will be only Greenland Diaries books from this point on, they’ll be my primary self-pub project. I have quite a bit more to write in that series. If you want to do a combo and make the new book one of your items that is okay too. Supplies are limited in the first publication run. So one last time, visit my Square Store to preorder your copy of Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere. This will be available to the 15th.  Thank you.

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