Monday Musings 7/29

I heard a really good quote from something I can’t remember. I think it might’ve been a preview for a new movie. It was: “If I don’t create, I become a menace to society.” True story.

  1. Well, normally I rationalize celebrity deaths as being a part of life, the whole circle metaphor from the Lion King, but I’m having a hard time applying that same logic to the death of one of my favorite actors, Rutger Hauer. To be honest, I have only watched a few films with him in it. Bladerunner and the TV miniseries Merlin to be specific. The impression he made on me in Bladerunner is, well, unforgettable. Even though his character, Roy Batty, was very villainous, he was also strangely empathetic and relatable. Many times throughout the film he portrayed one of the most prevalent human motivations we all share, the urge to live. His monologue at the end of the film for me is one of the greatest bits of poetry in all of storytelling. RIP.
  2. I’m one of the Nintendo crowds who have had all their Joy-cons start drifting and need to send them in to be fixed. This has become a global problem. I contacted Nintendo about it and their customer service systems seemed slightly overwhelmed. I can only imagine how many people are trying to communicate with them. All I could think about was every crowded setting I’ve been a part of similar to this environment. Movies opening, Black Friday sales, all that jazz. It must be like Thunderdome in their offices right now.
  3. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be able to publish a nonfiction piece I’ve written about my old Karate Sensei Robert Fusaro. He passed away recently. He had a large effect on me growing up, one that I didn’t necessarily realize until he was gone. Life is ironic that way. Looking back, I never would have left Karate to play football in high school, but I thought it would make me cool, not that it would make me happy. Such is the story of most of our lives. We do things because we think it’ll make us more appealing to the world, but not to ourselves.
  4. I’m a few weeks from preorders being open for my massive short story collection Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere. The cover is being designed as we speak by an award winning artist. Not only will it include my favorite stories, but it’ll also have new ones, and it’ll be organized into sections for you to actually enjoy all the little Easter Eggs I put in there from each universe I write in. Many of them share the same setting; I’ve just kept them apart because I’m an evil parent. This is the last collection like this I plan to self-publish. After this bad boy I’m just putting out all Greenland Diaries content. Three more books in the main narrative, one more collection of short fiction, a prequel, and a sequel. I’ll be 40 when I’m done.
  5. I have a terrible time with confrontation. I’m starting to work on it more and more, but I grew up in an environment where instead of listening to one another, you just shouted each other down until someone conceded, usually in tears. Unless you’re taught to deal with conflict healthily, life is going to kick the crap out of you, because it is mired in these interactions. I’m hoping to teach my kids better methods.


  • Started watching Neon Genesis: Evangelion on Netflix with my stepsons. I forgot how great the series is overall. I watched/read it so long ago. The intro still gets me pumped up.
  • Mega Man 11 is hard. I’m using a Gamecube controller to play it too, which makes it even more difficult.
  • Toejam and Earl is as weird as I remember. It is great.
  • Steven Universe is bloody amazing.
  • My short story collection I Sing Constellations is free today on Kindle. Click here to find it.
  • Have a great week everyone!

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