Monday Musings 7/22

I’m watching Room on the Broom on Netflix as we’re putting the twins to bed. There probably should be an Avengers-style crossover with the Gruffalo. The mouse can be Thanos.

  1. I have no idea what I’m doing. At times I try to pretend, like I have some sort of grand plan for my writing and everything else. There are moments where I have this type of foresight, but they’re never really based in reality. They’re very much dreams. Most of my waking life has been spent inside something you do when you’re sleeping. Maybe that is simply the folly for all storytellers.
  2. The most popular thing I have ever written has been about a bank teller who is trying to survive a plant-powered apocalypse in Minneapolis. I used to have that very job; I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life, and many times while out with my dog at night I imagined what it would be like to see an unexplainable monster. The Greenland Diaries is so much a part of my life, and I’m constantly trying to escape its creative inertia. I got the drum idea from a marching bad that used to practice at the high school a few blocks from where I grew up.
  3. I guess if you haven’t noticed already, I’m a bit all over the place emotionally at the composition of these musings. The truth is Comic Con in San Diego was this weekend, and on social media I was following all the brilliant writers who have inspired me through the years, and I guess jealousy kind of got the better of me. There are moments where I feel very alone in this whole writing thing, or that I’m constantly fighting tooth and nail for people to give my stories a chance. I don’t know, I guess I just get discouraged sometimes. I’m human. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t.
  4. If you haven’t checked out my fiction serial Chains on here, give it a shot. Click here for part one. The story is pretty decent. I wrote it years ago and have revised it many times. At the time I was dealing with the possibility that I might not ever have children, which is where the stories first conversation is inspired from. Things have obviously changed since then for me, but at the time it was a very real possibility. I’ve always wanted to write about Norse mythology too, so this was another opportunity for that as well.
  5. I don’t want to sound ungrateful by being melancholy about this whole writing thing, especially when I’ve been fortunate enough to write stories and so many of you have supported me. I guess you just can’t help but feel down as often as you feel up. There are peaks and valleys, like any standard plot line, even though my life is playing out in real time and not on a page somewhere. I’m sure it’ll all make sense someday.


  • I think I’m going to start watching Steven Universe. I’ve heard good things.
  • Started playing Majora’s Mask on my 3DS. That is quite a game. The whole world being destroyed every three days is quite the mechanic to deal with. Whew. Stresses me out.
  • I’m buying into the Picard hype.
  • I finally got around to watching Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Loved it. Classic.
  • Had a dream about a new fiction series in the Greenland Diaries world. I’ve wanted to write more stories about this universe, but I’m sort of low on ideas. My subconscious has bailed me out.
  • My short story collection Seven Monsters is free today on Kindle. Click here to get it.
  • Thank you everyone for the support. Sorry I’m such a sad sack today, part of that swinging pendulum that is my personality. Have a safe and healthy week!
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Author and Blogger from Minneapolis, MN. Author of the novels "Beware the Ills" and "The Greenland Diaries" and the collection of short stories "Seven Monsters." Former executive editor of a literary magazine called Calamities Press. Love to write in the modern publishing environment. I'm a family man who loves football, classic video games, miniature dachshunds, hunting, and fishing. My main story I publish and work on is "The Greenland Diaries," which is published on Kindle and paperback. I also write nonfiction and flash fiction on this site. I am the writer-in-residence at the Robbin Art Gallery.

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