Monday Musings 6/3

It is officially iced coffee season here in Minnesota. It is difficult to be certain of when you can start drinking your cold press concoctions. Winter seems to haunt us through May, but we finally cracked 90 last week, so I think I’m safe to switch off the hot stuff. I don’t want to anger the all-powerful snow demons like in Calvin and Hobbes.

  1. Alright, so I’m going to order my first proof of my short story Omnibus entitled: “Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere.” I’m excited to start the editing process in full. The book will be available in September, and preorders will begin in August. This is going to be my last short story hurrah with self publication (except for one more Greenland Diaries related collection), so I’m hoping to make it the best collection yet. There will be some new stories never seen before as well. I can’t wait.
  2. Filmed most of the weekend for the 48 Hour Film Festival. As always, I’m honored to be part of Chunky Milk Productions crew. Creating a film in such a small amount of time is very, very challenging, but I work with a great group of people. From a writing perspective, all you do is scribble down the outline for the story and sort of go from there. Dialogue requires a lot of screen time, so you sort of adlib it along the way.
  3. There’s always been a sort of connection between what I write in my fiction stories and what I’m going through in my personal life. Before, I would always think the two things were very separate. I’m not sure why. It seemed like genre or style sort of dictated how honest I could be in a piece of writing. Nonfiction was automatically number one, but the more fiction I plod through, the more how I realize how honest I am in that genre.
  4. I feel this weird pressure from the world of storytelling to always be up on the latest video games, movies, television shows, and books. It is almost like you have to stay current with popular media to be relevant. I feel it on Facebook even when a new film comes out like Avengers and everyone is talking about it. Anyone else feel that way?
  5. I guess I need to apologize to some of my college instructors; specifically, the ones who harped about classical literature over and over again. I can now sort of see that us studying those old, narrative skeletons from the Romantic and Shakespearean eras has given me a broader and more informed perspective of storytelling, no matter how tedious it might’ve been. I was always like: “Let’s study something modern. Modern. Modern. MODERN. Please be from the last 50 years. Please.”


  • Finally got to see Levi take on the Beast Titan this last week. I think I’ve watched that battle a dozen times. It just feels good to have a human do so well against the titans.
  • One Punch Man is still the show to watch.
  • I’m curious about Good Omens. I think I need to read the book first.
  • More and more of what I’m writing is what I’d like to see in the world for readers. Things I would want. I think that’s a good thing.
  • Today my short story collection I Sing Constellations is free to download on the Kindle. Click here to be taken to it.
  • Thank you everyone for your continued support. I appreciate it.
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