Monday Musings 3/18

New Cover for GD ONE

I’m still here despite an ulcer and a broken furnace that has been leaking carbon monoxide for god knows how long.

  1. First off, a big thank you to all you readers and fans who have stuck with the Greenland Diaries despite the first book being a complete and utter mess. The new version of Days 1 – 100 is now up and ready to be read, with a freshly designed cover. If you already own it on Kindle, it should update automatically on your device to the latest edition. If you’re interested in purchasing it from me via my Square Store, just click HERE. Book two in the series is next. I can’t wait to get it done.
  2. Reworking the Greenland Diaries from its beginning has given me a new found respect for the series. I’ve always liked it, don’t get me wrong. However, I didn’t think it would be my most popular story, and it has taken me a while to personally accept that it is. Editing and releasing a new edition of the first book has helped with the acceptance process. The monsters or “the Unnamed” are excellent. They transcend the book and establish their own lore. They alone are worth revision hell. I’m glad I’m starting to see the forest for the trees.
  3. The status of “This Living Cage” the sequel to Beware the Ills is sort of up in the air. I might have to delay it a little bit longer as I try to clean up my books and release new editions of them. If I can get this stuff done in a timely fashion, then I’ll do it. I’m not going to sacrifice the quality of the story in the effort to put it out there. The release may be delayed.
  4. Being a parent is tough. Especially when so many things in your own life are unsettled. For me, as I try to be a “role-model” to my four boys, I can’t help but think if they knew what was really going on behind my brain as I struggle to find my way, well, they’d be horrified at how lost I am. Maybe my role as a parent and figure of authority blinds them from how inept I can be as a person. I don’t know. Life is just hard I guess.
  5. Having an ulcer sucks. Having your furnace leak poison sucks. Adult-ing sucks sometimes. I’m not sure how people do it. I’m happy with the progress of the film I’m working on. We had our first table read recently. The script wasn’t a total disaster, which is great. I’ve never written one before. There is still plenty to revise. I’m loving the collaboration.


  • I’ve become obsessed with the anime Baki recently. There is a season of it on Netflix. More of it is coming out this week. The show is totally ridiculous. It is almost like if you had Streetfighter characters trying to live ordinary lives. I appreciate the stories willingness to be totally ridiculous. It doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • Watched all of Victoria, or the new season on PBS. Super good story. As I get older I like period pieces more. I just wrote about an anime where people get their faces punched off. I guess I have complex taste in storytelling media.
  • My children have discovered Paw Patrol. That is all.
  • Trying to finish Final Fantasy IX so I can play Final Fantasy VII at the end of the month when it is released. It really makes me miss my friend Matt. I wonder what happened to him. He started working some fancy NSA job right out of college and high school. I can only discern he’s turned into a secret agent, drinking martinis and firing missiles out of the trunk of his BMW. Seriously though, it would be great to see him again.
  • Random memory note. I’m nostalgic for old school drug stores. My mom used to take me to a Snyder’s (which no longer exists) close to where I lived. There was a bunch of them. I remember buying my Streetfighter 2: Turbo strategy guide there. They also had a ton of posters and comics. Kids would go up there by themselves all the time, so they had it geared for them. Good times.
  • Have a great week everyone! Be safe.

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