Monday Musings 2/25

Starting this week by talking about what is happening in my small world. Whenever I use that phrase I think of the theme park ride. Then it bleeds into the Simpson’s parody called “Duff World.” I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN.

  1. I’m a good third of the way through a revision of the Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100. For being my most popular book, there sure are a ton of errors and sloppy writing. I sort of hid these problems when I published it saying it was an “unedited” collection of journals. You can only rely on realism for so long though before your readers are like what the hell. I should’ve revised this a long time ago. It just wasn’t a very sexy project, so I always ignored it. Whoops. Story of my life.
  2. Unless things change over the next week or so, it doesn’t look like I’ll be at Marscon 2019 here in the Twin Cities. I’ve been going to this con since 2014, but this year I don’t think I’ll be there. I’ve been a panelist in the past, along with a vendor. I’ll miss going there because of everyone I’ve met and whatnot, but financially it isn’t a viable option for me to sell my books, or do panels. I tried to get on programming and suggest some panels that are actually in my wheelhouse (monsters, writing from different perspectives, apocalyptic settings, etc), but they weren’t interested in those.
  3. I will not be at Minicon this year. I wanted to be there, if I could get my revisions done on my first two Greenland Diaries books. I don’t want to sell any physical copies of these books until the edits are complete. The recent hotel change for the event I think has been good, because I’m no longer spread-out across a giant dealer room, but more in a smaller space. I could actually see and meet the attendee’s coming through. I just looked at the website though and I missed the deadline. Whoops.
  4. I am excited to share that after many years of applying I finally got into Spring Con 2019 here in the Twin Cities, which takes place in May. I’m absolutely elated to be doing this event. I love doing Fall Con here when it comes around. This event is two days, has many awesome creators, and is super family friendly. Click HERE to learn more about this great con.
  5. I started a new serial on my blog/website/place where I can write anytime I want, it is called Largo. It takes place in Key Largo, Florida, so yeah, the name explained. The story is happening in the universe of The Greenland Diaries, so there are lots of familiar plot devices for those acquainted with my work. The chief goal of this story without giving away spoilers is to really expand on the Water Unnamed you encounter in book three of my series. Click HERE to take a look at it.


  • Speaking of the Greenland Diaries, the first book, Days 1 – 100 is free today on Kindle for you to download. Say whattttt? Click HERE.
  • I just fully discovered Brooklyn 99. What have I been missing in my life?
  • I think it’ll be just two more years before I can start playing board games again and my twins not wanting to destroy the table.
  • This has been some nuts February weather this year. I’ve lived here all my life too. I’m like that crazy friend admitting we’re in a crazy situation. That’s how crazy it is…
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone!

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