Monday Musings 2/18

Another week is here. Another 168 hours of trying not to be distracted by the internet, wait, has Final Fantasy VIII been announced for Switch yet?

  1. Well, my bipolar business strategy is alive and well. After selling my books at a convention, and hearing readers ask me where they can get more books and me being like: “Amazon has them. Grumble. Snarl. Snap.” I have decided to restructure my online Square Store and put it back into business. Yes, I know, I’m all over the place. I’m totally winging this whole writing entrepreneur thing. All I can say is that the store is new and open for business if you’re interested.
  2. I have sort of paused all projects and started to Marie Kondo my writing (and my house, but that is a separate post) and start doing some major revisions. Right now I’m nearly 40 pages into The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100. Not only am I cleaning up the editing and voice, but I’ll be updating the cover as well. I’ll also be doing this for book two in the series (three and four were a little bit more, well, clean). I’ll also be doing this for my short story collections as well. Good times.
  3. Might be starting a podcast soon called “The Perfect Monster” where I get to talk about why I like monsters, which are my favorites, and what ones I haven’t encountered yet. I’m not doing this just to build my own “brand” but I also just want an outlet for some of the ideas I have on this blog and in other quadrants. I want to talk aloud about this stuff, so a podcast seems like the best option for it.
  4. Marie Kondo is awesome for me, because she seems to really preach having an emotional connection to all things we own, and if you don’t then move on from that item and don’t pretend that it has a value. I’m not saying everything that isn’t a keepsake should go, but she just wants you to think about what you actually own, and where it should be in your life. At least I think that’s what she means.
  5. No more craft corner. I’m struggling like everyone else. Just going to keep writing and hopefully something catches fire or gets popular. Ugh. Giving out advice seems exceedingly hypocritical. I need advice. I’m lost. Maybe it’ll always be that way.


  • I beat Pokémon Eevee, which was a Christmas gift from my good friend Joseph. It was fun finally playing a Pokémon game like that on the big screen. Looking forward to more.
  • I still regret never watching Spirited Away when it originally came out in theaters in 2003. I was like: “what’s that Spirited Away move? Is that like different or something” on the marquee at the theater near my house. Then it won the academy award. Then I watched it. Then I was like…damn.
  • Got Final Fantasy IX for Switch. Happy to have the game again after I sold it a few years back to buy Christmas Presents for everyone.
  • Thank you everyone for continuing to read and support me. Have a great week!

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