Incoherent Ramblings 2/1

Now blog post, it is a different format, but same idea as the Monday Musings.

  • Scaled down my website/blog quite a bit. Still going to produce content on it, like I’ve said a million times, just trying to streamline it. Got rid of the dead links. Insert an image here of a field of dead Links from Nintendo. Maybe at Fort Hateno. That game is really haunting. Breath of the Wild that is.
  • I’m slowly turning into an old person. Not only am I discriminating between sponge brands (Scotch-Brite is much better than any generic imitator), but I’ve started to use Pinterest as a place to find new recipes. That app, site, or database of pretty pictures, is amazing at collecting your interests. I’m a little late to the party with it, but I blame other things, and not my stubbornness about newer social media platforms.
  • It has been a frozen wasteland here in Minnesota the last three days. Schools have been closed. The air destroys your lung tissue in mere seconds. The White Walkers are frolicking in the streets. Tauntauns are the preferred method of travel, living or dead. The morphing, blood-wild creature from The Thing needed its car jumped. I think I even heard Saruman chanting somewhere. Anyways, the national news is even talking about us and our frosty neighbor the polar vortex. It is scary. It is cold. It is bad. I hope everyone is staying safe.
  • Tauntauns are now part of my Microsoft Word dictionary. That makes me happy.
  • Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom, I’m trying to finish this goddamn screenplay so I can move onto the sequel to Beware the Ills. I’m running out of time or something like that. I want to write This Living Cage during the winter, since it takes place on a cursed island of eternal winter. Wonder where that inspiration came from? Cough. Cough. Polar Vortex. (Update, I did finish the screenplay. Need to let it marinade for a week or two since it was bullying the shit out of me.)
  • I’m shamelessly proud of my affinity for reality television. I’m consumed by the nature of narrative, so when it comes time to actually sit down and watch something, I don’t want to spend my time hyper-analyzing plot or characters (both of which are reliably absent on reality TV). Right now we’re slowly slogging our way through the Real Housewives and their many locations. Hard to believe people with so much wealth could have such low levels of emotional intelligence. Of course, what’s real on these shows? Thus the beauty of reality tv.
  • I’ll be at 13 Gears in a few weeks. That is the premier Steampunk celebration here in the Twin Cities. I’ll make separate post announcement, but just a heads up.
  • Everyone be safe out there. It is terrible. Again, be weary of the White Walkers.

One thought on “Incoherent Ramblings 2/1

  1. Beerwench

    I really loved your 3rd bullet point. Wish I had that kind of imagination. 😁 Just an FYI, I’m still walking my dog in this weather. Yes we’re staying safe but still, it’s Minnesota, not unexpected. You just dress for it. 😋


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