Online Store Shutting Down

Hey all, I mentioned this last week in my Monday Musings, but I’m shutting the digital, non-existent doors on my online store. It was an experiment in profitability and selling books that never truly came to fruition. I’ve found that selling my books specifically though Amazon is still the best way for me to make a living and keep the cost of expenses low. So as of this Saturday at midnight (1/26), I’ll be turning off my online square store. This is your last chance to buy signed books directly from me with the combos that I provide in that marketplace, or buy any of the visual art.

Click HERE to be taken to my store.

Just because I’m closing up shop on this nonphysical corner shop doesn’t mean you still won’t be able to buy signed copies of my books at conventions, readings and other events. I’ll still be selling my physical books in person whenever I can. There is too much overhead with me shipping out the boxes myself. I have made no money from it in the three years I’ve tried.

So again, take a look at my store for anything you might want before it shuts off this weekend. Now, if you really needed a signed copy and you weren’t going to see me anytime soon or ever, you can always email me at and ask me what your options are for buying books directly from me. I will more than likely make accommodations. I’m just trying to make a few changes where I can to carve out a better living from this very fluid business. Thank you everyone for the continued support and have a safe week.


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