Cyber Monday Sale – $20 Loot Envelope


Hey all! This year for my Cyber Monday sale I’m going to do something a little different for my great offering to the capitalistic gods. Instead of doing a special for a pair of books or combo, I’m doing a Loot Envelope (I can’t do a crate since I only ship envelopes). What will this magical parchment pocket of awesomeness contain? Well, let me show you:

  1. A book. Any of your choice.
  2. A piece of artwork. Any of your choice.
  3. A personalized bookmark.
  4. A surprise gift only included in my Loot Envelope.
  5. Free shipping.

Everything will be signed and personalized. You can even preorder books that haven’t come out yet. I’ll keep a record of it and email it to you when the book is actually released. To order this Loot Envelope you need to check out my store by clicking HERE.

This is a great deal. You’re essentially getting a free poster or book. I like the idea of putting a bunch of themed Patrick W. Marsh stuff together into one package. It’ll rock. You’ll have until Friday, November 30th at midnight to order your Loot Envelope. Then, the deal will vanish like a ghoul crawling into the graveyard at dawn.

Again, click HERE to be taken to my store to check out my deal. Thank you and have a great day!


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