Monday Musings 11/5

I missed last Monday for the musings because I was trying to recover from Con Brain, which is an affliction one contracts while working at a convention where you have hundreds of conversations within just a few days. Me talk not good after long while.

  1. Sold out of the Greenland Diaries books 1, 2, and almost 3 and 4. Ordered a new round of inventory and I’m gearing up for another event in November at my former school North Hennepin Community College. Always excited to return to the institution that shaped me the most. Community college is a really undervalued institution in our society.
  2. It is always great attending Crypticon Minneapolis. The organizers of the event are awesome and organized. The attendees are super supportive and friendly. The other vendors are relaxed and happy. It is my favorite event of the year. One of these times I’ll actually take pictures of the awesome cosplay that occurs at Minnesota’s only horror convention. I’m just super shy about it. I can’t work-up the courage to ask people. Due to my anxiety, I just like to focus on my book sales, since they require as much socialization as I can give. Maybe I’ll figure it out someday.
  3. Recently I did an interview with the Daily Dead about my new Greenland Diaries book. Derek, the editor, is a fan of my novels and he has actually read them all and has a real perspective on it. Interviews where the questioner has no prior knowledge of my work are always stressful because I need to stuff exposition into the answers. I think this is my best interview yet with the press. Check it out by clicking HERE.
  4. Looks like I’ll be at 13 Gears in February. They’re expanding, it’ll now be a two day event, which will be awesome. I’ve almost been at this convention since the very beginning. Steampunk is my favorite fantasy subgenre to write in. I released Moya last spring, which is laden with Steampunk short stories. In fact, every story has a gear hidden in it. Plus, both Seven Monsters and Beware the Ills are full of Steampunk stuff. I’ve been a big fan of the genre ever since Final Fantasy VI. Gears, airships, and the Victorian-style were all featured in that video game. It planted a seed for certain.
  5. This week in Craft Corner I don’t know what to talk about. I guess this last week I’ve really been thinking about branding myself. Do I want to identify myself as a series or a person? As an individual, I haven’t had a tremendous amount of success. The Greenland Diaries, which as a series has had some limited popularity. Which do I market out there in the big wide world? I can’t seem to make a decision on it. Does anyone want to give input or have experiences with this they’d like to share? Feel free to add it in comments.


  • The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100 is FREE on Kindle today. Click HERE to find it.
  • Watched The First on Hulu about a fictional trip to Mars set in our near future. Starts fast, gets slow, and then goes fast again. I recommend it, but just be patient through some of the episodes.
  • Castlevania on Netflix is amazing. I love it. Dracula is a very captivating character in it. I want them to redo Vampire Hunter D as well.
  • I’m slowly reading Nail Gaiman’s retelling of Norse Mythology. So far so good.
  • Seriously considering getting a PS4 just to play Metro Exodus.
  • I hope everyone has a great week. Thank you for reading.

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