Visit me at Minnesota Fan Fusion 2018


Hello all! It is a busy three weeks for me, but this weekend I’ll be at Minnesota Fan Fusion selling my books. The event runs Friday through Sunday, August 3rd – 5th. I’ll be there for all of it. Every. Single. Minute.

I was at this convention last year, and I liked the direction it was going, along with the professionalism the organizers showed in dealing with a new affair. Without a doubt, Minnesota Fan Fusion will be extremely popular in the coming years. I’m happy to be a part of it in these beginning stages.

Click HERE to learn more about Minnesota Fan Fusion

My good friend Joe Crowe will be there selling books with me, including his new science fiction novel Stony Point Station. I’m excited to be there helping with his first event. I hope to see you there! I’ll be selling my books, and hopefully I’ll have plenty of copies of The Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200 left around. I’ll also be selling my new short story collection Moya as well. I’ll have my typical convention specials for pricing. Please stop by and talk to me about monsters. I’ll need a break from writing about them!


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