Watch Our Film: “The Smell”

Alright, there it is.

The film I helped write “The Smell” is now available for your viewing pleasure. It is only seven minutes long. It was made for the 48 Hour Film Festival. We had to draw the genre out of a hat. We of course picked Silent Film. We also had to incorporate a tie at some point, along with the line: “I wish I knew.” All films had to use this one line in their production.

We won an award from the festival for our use of line, which is pretty good for a silent film. Here is a picture from the festival. I’m the one in the red flannel. Mike in the center was the leading actor. Owen in the gnarly beard was the director, editor, and overall master. I just write things.


Check out the movie. Love to hear feedback or whatever. It was a great experience for me. Thank you Chunky Milk Productions for bringing me in. Sorry everyone who is getting a double post courtesy of Facebook. I MUST SHARE. SO IS THE LAW OF SOCIAL MEDIA.



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