Moya now Available


Hey all! Like the title of this post entails, Moya is now available for purchase. You can get it on Amazon’s Kindle, or paperback editions are also available through CreateSpace to purchase (but if you get them through me they’re cheaper, signed, and personalized). For all you amazing people who pre-ordered copies the books are in transit from my publisher, so I’ll ship them out to you immediately when I get them, along with your free gifts for reserving your copies ahead of time

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, well, here is a book description of my new short story collection Moya:

A knight becomes mutinous after a 100 days of dragon fire. A combat vet prefers the void of war to home and peace. An inhuman creature is more than capable of mercy in a haunted cathedral. A lizard and monster start a friendship in the shadow of arrows. A young woman is denied the chance to be herself. Two techs floating in space can’t remember their login information. Rats have feelings too, as this kingdom found out. Goblins aren’t as evil as the ones that hunt them. A long battle in deep space makes nightmares live everywhere. A demonic and hungry forest with a slight sense of kindness. A lonely factory would rather have purpose than nothing. A weapon survives longer than the man wielding it. A monster is going to become a father, and watches a human with the same predicament.

If you’re interested in purchasing Moya, well, there are multiple avenues:

Click HERE to purchase Moya on Amazon’s Kindle

Click HERE to purchase Moya via CreateSpace on Amazon

Click HERE to purchase Moya through my online square store (cheapest paperback book price, signed, personalized, with free shipping and sparkles)

This will be my last post promoting Moya. I’ll get back to short stories about faceless monsters stalking survivors in a plant-ridden apocalypse. Thank you everyone for your support. Enjoy the week and be safe!



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