Pre-order Moya & Get a Free Gift

Moya Blog Post Cover

In an effort to drum up support (ha ha, Greenland Diaries reference) I’m now taking  pre-orders on my final collection of self-published short stories entitled, Moya. It releases some time in May, probably in the third week. I’ll have an exact date soon. I don’t usually do pre-orders for my short story collections, but since it is the last hurrah for this medium for me, and since I have a garage full of free gifts to unload onto people who support me, I figured I would give it a shot. I won’t be ordering very many copies of this when I first publish it, so this is a great way to make sure you get yours. Free shipping included plus that gift.

To preorder a copy of Moya, visit my store by clicking HERE and add it to your shopping cart via the icon.

The cover you see on this image is not the final one. It is just the working proof copy. I’ll do a little reveal when it gets closer to release.  You will get a free gift(s) for doing the almighty pre-order. I have a bunch of cool stuff to offload, and I can’t think of a better group of people to give it to. Here is the book description of Moya:

A decorated knight becomes mutinous after a 100 days of dragonfire. A combat vet prefers monsters in space to the mundane of everyday life. A mutant is more than capable of mercy in a haunted cathedral. A lizard and a beast become friends in the shadow of arrows. A young woman is denied a chance to be herself, without even realizing it. Two techs floating in space can’t remember their login information to keep a god captive. Rats have feelings too, as this empty kingdom found out. Goblins aren’t as evil as the ones who hunt them. A battle in the stars makes nightmares live everywhere. A demonic and hungry forest pauses for some perspective. A lonely factory would rather have purpose than nothing. A famous weapon always survives longer than the man wielding it. A monster is going to become a father, and studies a human for a few tips.

So, once again: To preorder a copy of Moya, visit my store by clicking HERE and add it to your shopping cart via the icon.

I appreciate the support and the investment early on in the process. It really helps me out with how to provide to my readers.

Please take care and have a great weekend.


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