Monday Musings 4/9

Took a break for a week from anything blog or narrative related. Couldn’t handle the extra thinking after Minicon. So much talking. So much. Brain gone. The parasite of casual convention conversations was gorging itself on my gray matter.

  1. Speaking of Minicon, I had an amazing time there. It was in a new hotel this year, so as a vendor peddling my wares, I was a little nervous. However, it ended being a great experience. We were in a smaller room, which I thought would be bad, but the foot traffic coming through and tight quarters forced con-goers to interact with me. Mwahahaha. This allowed me to sell completely out of The Greenland Diaries books one, two, and three. That has never happened to me at Minicon before. It felt really, really good. I’ll for certain be back for next year.
  2. My wife turned 33 this last week, the same age as me. We actually got to go out and have fun with adults, instead of being home chasing after our twin toddler sons. There are so many things I was woefully under-prepared for when becoming a father. One of those things was the simple fact that I would actually miss going out with adults at the drop of a hat. Now, with children, you can’t do anything without there being a plan in place. Babysitter, food, money, it all plays into the equation. Pretty soon you feel like a negotiator between humanity and an alien species, trying to save specific continents from a laser gun attack.
  3. I need to see the film A Quiet Place. I’ve been musing about the monsters for months. I’ve been looking forward to it over anything narrative related to have hit the media landscape. Stars Wars, Infinity War, none of that means anything to me compared to my curiosity for this abomination, and how it operates in an apocalyptic setting. I love a good monster, and this film looks very promising in terms of its Armageddon antagonists. I want to compare them to my monsters, see if they could be friends, and maybe take them on play-date to an arcade or something.
  4. One thing hard about dealing with mental illness, or depression, is dealing with change. How I treat my depression is through therapy, mental exercises, reading, and keeping a journal. That is a lot of work just to get me to a very loose version of normal/bearable personality. Everyone treats their depression in different ways. For me, these things work, but like in any environment, life finds a way to throw curves at you. That is where I still struggle, especially if I can see the curves coming down the road. Even happy changes like vacation, weather, or basic events can throw a wrench in your routine, which if you miss too often you backslide into the thicket of mental illness. Adaptability isn’t necessarily synonymous with mental illness, nor does our modern society always encourage it.
  5. On Craft Corner this week I wanted to talk about measuring advice by the source giving it. That is to say, looking at what someone is telling you to do with your writing, storytelling, art, whatever, and actually seeing if they apply it in their own life and profession. I was talking to a colleague recently, and he said he’s noticed that a lot of unsuccessful writers have advice about how to be successful, which in itself is an oxymoron. I often say that in this very part of my musings that I don’t know if the advice in Craft Corner works, I just know what I am directly doing. I’ve been lucky that The Greenland Diaries seems to have at least hit a minor chord with audiences, but other than that I have had no success as a writer. I still crave traditional publication, help with distribution, and muscles to help me get my stories out there. My advice reflects only what I have noticed with my own experience.


  • Finished Pokemon Ultra Sun. Blah. What a waste of money. Barely different than Moon. Bring on the next generation on the Switch.
  • Nostalgia for games, shows, and everything else has been such a wild marketing tactic that I now feel saturated by it all. I’m starting to crave more modern and original content. I can’t be alone in this feeling.
  • I can’t stop watching Survivor. So many seasons on Hulu. So many strange people.
  • Super Mario Odyssey is the perfect throwback to Mario 64.
  • Picked up The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman at Minicon. First book I’ll have read by him. Super happy.
  • I keep watching PBS. I like cooking shows. Is it really happening? AM I GETTING OLDER.
  • Thank you all for reading. Have a great week.

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