Monday Musings 3/26

Back in the business of stressing out over creative musings. I had a nice little reprieve on my vacation from these things. Now I’m back. Yay. I’m haunted by dashes and numbers.

  1. I’m approaching ultra-hype status for Marvel’s Infinity War film. I mean, there was a time when I collected Marvel cards, and with those cards I felt like I owned the universe. Now, people are openly talking about Thanos like he were a real person. Sadly, knowing who Thanos was or the Infinity War was something you kept on the down-low when you were a kid trying to climb the social ladder at school. Now, vast portions of the Marvel world that I worshiped as an avid comic book reader are common knowledge. I did not see that happening. Did anybody except for a few savvy Disney executives 15 years ago? I see that Disney’s investment in precognitive oracles was well spent.
  2. I released a piece of nonfiction on this blog for the first time in months. I do love to write that genre when I can link it to the forces and memories that influenced other things I wrote. I try to sort of tie in my passions as a fiction writer with these bits of memoir. It isn’t easy, but there are some things I have to talk about regardless of what style my writing might be. I feel like I accomplished that in The Basement Window. Click HERE to take a look.
  3. I know this might seem like a sort of sacrilege for all my literary connoisseurs out there, but I just read Slaughterhouse Five for the first time this last month. This was the first Kurt Vonnegut book I have ever read. It was incredible. It was deftly written as a combination of fiction, nonfiction, and science fiction. I truly feel late to the party for this classic. There were many things I found intriguing about his style of narration, but one thing I loved more than anything was that not a single image in the story was described in an unoriginal manner. Every piece of imagery was personalize, unique, there were no “the sky was blue as the ocean” type of simplicity.
  4. Another thing I’ve learned about being an adult and going on a trip, there is such a thing as the post-vacation blues. Psychologically you almost always feel like you need a vacation from a vacation as an adult. Kids are a ton of work. You’re lucky if you get to sneak away and enjoy some time with your spouse. Once you get back to the normal world, there is an emotional adjustment that takes place. You miss the landscape of whatever haven you just traveled too, in my case the salt-wild water of the Gulf of Mexico, but are happy to be home. It is a collision of emotions you don’t think will happen, but does. Another footnote on the dictionary definition of adulthood.
  5. Craft Corner this week, well, I got nothing. I guess I can just talk about what I’m thinking. It is isn’t much. I’ve started to write short stories for traditional publication. I’m tracking down literary magazines and anthologies. I’m sort of customizing my stories for what they like to publish, but also trying to preserve my voice as a writer. It is a little bit like trying to solve some stranger’s puzzle with your own pieces. I like the challenge though. This of course means I won’t be putting as much original fiction or nonfiction out here on my blog, but I won’t stop completely.


  • Pokemon Ultra Sun is so good. Glad I got the last true Pokemon game for 3DS.
  • Why is Survivor so addictive? It is the perfect balance of drama and tension. I can’t stop watching the thing. Hulu has so many seasons. SO MANY.
  • Starting play Super Mario Odyssey. My wife bought it for herself, but I’ve taken it over. Mwahaha.
  • Still need to see Black Panther.
  • Currently reading a nonfiction anthology of cultural literacy from the late 80’s. Phew, a lot of the problems back then with diversity are still happening today. There has been a little progress, but not much.
  • It drives me nuts that I can remember Game Genie codes for a Final Fantasy game from 20 years ago, but not the name of my stepson’s teacher.
  • Le Matos song Wasteland is stuck on repeat on my headphones right now. I love some techno goodness. Makes me feel like I need to jump in a high-speed cruiser and jet across some barren wasteland with hidden pockets of radioactive mutants.
  • Have a great week everyone! Thank you for reading.

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