Monday Musings 3/12

Well, as you might have noticed I’ve re-branded my blog and website again, for the millionth time, and probably not the last. I just can’t quite figure out how I want to express myself through social media labels. I wish the answer was clearer for me, but it obviously is not. So, until further notice, I’m Patrick W. Marsh. I’m not author, writer, or anything that makes me better than anyone else. I’m Patrick. I’m myself. Enough. Please exit the existential highway and enjoy the musings.

  1. I did an actual recap of an event this past week when I was a vendor at Marscon 2018. I had a great time. I’ll be back next year. I actually took cool pictures of cosplay. Normally, I just write about it. Who cares about writing? Just kidding, obviously. Click HERE to look at the recap.
  2. I finished Breath of the Wild, the latest and one of the most amazing Zelda games in the series. It was fantastic, gorgeous, and endless, just like my adjective use. I’m positive I’ll replay it a dozen times in the next five years. So, I went back and looked at a lot of interviews and press releases with the creators of the game, and I was pleased to see they struggled with linear vs open world game play. Whenever I purchase a video game, this is something I consider myself as their intended audience. Do I want a game that will direct me with plot and story, or complete freedom for me to engage with the world? This is also a question I ask myself when I write stories as well. How much freedom or control do you want the audience to have? Clearly they had a good mix of both in Breath of the Wild, but it is always nice to see the people making the games know what people buying the games are thinking.
  3. So I’m not sure about a release date for Moya quite yet. I wanted to release in the Fall, but I’m not sure about my convention future for the month of May quite yet, so it might be earlier. It could even be April for all I know. This will be my last collection of self-published short stories that is not Greenland Diaries related. This will also be the first collection of short stories I will have worked on this much and had time to revise. Putting out sub-par products eats away at your psyche like some sort of acid. I want to make sure Moya is my best collection of short stories ever released.
  4. The more and more and I work in narrative and get my own work out there in my own formats, the more I realize how storytelling surrounds us at all levels. Television, gaming, movies, advertisements, books, instructions, and even caution signs are all telling a story in some way or another. Good stories can change your life in more positive ways than you can count. We all have a favorite movie or book. Those of use who have the guts to jump into the creative industry should take solace in that narrative surrounds us on so many levels. You just have to find your place in it, which is part of the fun.
  5. This week on Craft Corner (though my other musings have been obscenely craft-related) I wanted to talk about competition in terms of writing. I think writers are competitive with one another, just like any other trade, but what I think separates us a little bit is how much of that rivalry is with ourselves. Real writers have passion within the process to compete with ourselves. Whether it is writing an image, building a perfect sentence, or isolation a paragraph of dialogue for emphasis, I’m constantly in competition with myself to better my craft. Sure I want commercial success. Sure I want to be known. Sure I want people to ask me about my work. What I want most though is to prove it to myself, to make my writing completely reflect my own identity, and to communicate emotionally what it means to be me, and make it applicable to other human beings. That’s all. Lol. Doesn’t sound too complicated.


  • My Instagram @patrickwmarsh is up and running again if you need more boring snapshots into my life. There are a lot of pics of kids and dogs and stuffs. Monsters too, of course.
  • For my current selection of crappy reality television to put on while I unwind at night, well, I’m watching Survivor on Hulu. I always thought it would be nice to be deserted on an island for a little bit. I’m wrong.
  • Toying with the idea of getting the Greenland Diaries: Days 201-250 done this summer and releasing it in Fall 2018 and not waiting another year. Just kicking it around my head. It is a huge process. My brain is full of garbage.
  • Buy my books. It has been really slow recently. If you haven’t wanted to take a chance on my work, but now feel like it, please do. There are really good deals. Might even include a FREE GIFT. I must use caps for the sake of marketing. Click HERE to check out my store.
  • Have a safe and healthy week. Thank you for reading.

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