Marscon 2018 Recap

Thought I would include a little recap of Marscon 2018, which I just finished this weekend. I was a vendor selling my books there. I had a great time. I will admit by Sunday my brain had turned to mush, and due to the excessive and endless conversation it seemed like even the most basic interactions were difficult to complete. Friday I’m excited to be at the con and talking to all my friends. Saturday too, though I can tell it is starting to wear on me. Sunday, well, you’re lucky for me not to mumble or just mindlessly stare at you like I had just been mind-wiped by that little laser stick from Men in Black.

I always have a great time at these events, even when the setting of socialization wears me thin. I’m blessed to be selling my books and talking to my friends about all things fandom. I had readers come up to me and talk about my monsters in the Greenland Diaries. I had a bunch of people buy the third book in the series. In fact, that was my best-seller. Most of the people at this convention know me at this point, so if they haven’t bought any of my books they likely won’t in the future. However, if they have invested in my series they want the most recent addition. People are so supportive at these cons.

So I basically spent all three days just sitting at my table talking and occasionally describing my book series, and working on my laptop on current projects. Having done this event for five years has made me comfortable enough to do this sort of thing. If this was a new convention, or I had only been there a few times, I would be talking to every single person passing my table. Having built up a history at Marscon, well, I could just take a deep breath and eat candy.

If you’re looking to get started in the convention scene in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend Marscon. It is quaint, kind, and very family friendly. This is a very accepting convention. The cosplay, as denoted by the pictures above, is very good. I could have taken more, but I didn’t. I’m really lucky to be able to sell my books for a living and enjoy myself. I’ll be back next year.

Have a great week everyone!


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